Life Thereafter

May 7, 2012

Things have begun to come back to normal…. but an entirely new sense of normal. Through the past 5 weeks I have waited for life to calm down a bit, and then came to the realization that… life isn’t going to calm down. Not after what we just did.

Right now we sit at $60K. We raised that in just 6 weeks. By the way I will get the donor list on Tuesday, you plan on receiving a handwritten mailed thank you note from me (hopefully you included an address!). It almost feels like a wedding…. I had some special thank you cards made for all of you. Words can not express our thanks. And again no worries, we aren’t done yet.

As I have accepted that life won’t ever return to normal….. I have also understood that this new level of normal is amazing. Getting in there and making an actual difference. A real plan going forward, amazing things are on the way and I can’t wait to share. We have a lot to do. Instead of me waiting for life to calm down, I simply have to reorganize myself, and as Mr. A taught me…. MSH (make sh*t happen).

Training is going well, I have finally settled on my race schedule for the season (see side column). I had hoped to get out to the Presque Isle Time Trial Sunday, but am without my racing bike… again. Thanks to the kind folks at Quarq my new powermeter is on the way, and my bike is in a few pieces. It had been broken during a transfer from bike to bike. One year and three days to the warranty…. they so kindly are honoring the replacement!!!! One of these days I will get to ride than darn bike.

My former bike, being rebuilt… leaves me to the mountain bike and spinning bike. (I am always amazed of the misconceptions people have about Spinning, as I have expressed before. I can do an entire spinning class in my aerobic HR zone and still do all of the things you do in a spinning class.)

No worries, I still GSD (get sh*t done).

I am pretty excited to really begin getting ready for Vegas. I have time, I have a great plan thanks to QT2 as always. Our training is pretty simple, do the work… get results. We don’t have magic training, we have concise training, and if you are consistent and you follow it….. things happen. Simple.

Starting today I am beginning  work with one of our other talented dietitians here at QT2. I have always worked with Jesse on the nutrition front, he’s awesome. I wanted to experience what our athletes experience. I wanted to be able to tell them and write about it from a different standpoint.  Rachel G, who is returning to QT2 after a stint away is my girl. Her background in sports nutrition is extensive, and she ironically has experience in oncology. I am pretty excited to be able to bring you that experience from different side. I have already confessed my coffee addiction to her.

Full. freaking. Disclosure.

It’s time to get to Vegas fighting weight, and I am pretty psyched to work with her to help me do it.

As race season is upon us the whirlwind of summer is about to begin. This weekend I will be announcing at the Fly By Night Duathlon (and I will have Duel in the Pool T shirts with me….. $20!!!!!). I am also taking part in the MidTown Triathlon this Sat….. two people in spinning class were seeking a swimmer, so I thought it’d be fun!

Stay tuned this week for some Teens living With Cancer Fit updates. We have some good stuff up our sleeves!

I have many many more pictures from the kick off as well. Enjoy!

My bud Charlie and I


Getting a hug from two time cancer survivor and amazing woman, Heather Swift. Woman we couldn’t have done this without you.


My family, we are all looking at different cameras!


Luc and Lance


Entering the pool with Mr. Armstrong. Lauren made me a fight robe with my name on the back, and the Teens signed the inside!

Only two athletes in the world have this trophy. Me and Lance Freaking Armstrong!




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