Eggers vs Macca. It’s on.

May 18, 2012

As I stood at the Teens Living With Cancer Hole in one golf tournament I couldn’t help but stare at the pictures. They were like posters on a stick with the faces and the names of the Teens. Every other one….. is dead. Sobering to say the least.

The passion for this two person organization burns still and it burns bright. I f*cking hate cancer. HATE IT.Β  My hatred for it stirs something within me that I can’t explain. Cancer is a bastard. I am so tired of it ripping people away from me and away from ….. anyone. Right now I have one way to fight back and one way to arm these teens who have had cancer… in their battle to prevent a secondary cancer.

Challenging World Champions to a kick off. Good god it happened again.

I am not sure how we got it started. My homegirl Jen Small and I were conversing on Twitter yesterday and somehow…. with a few others joining in on the conversation I found myself with another challenge on hand. This time…. two time Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack, known to those of us in triathlon world as Macca.

So it’s on. Macca and I will kick off in Kona this October. I will be there coaching and well, for the underpants run. Lifelong dream folks. I know, aim high.

I will be very honest with you. Since the Armstrong kick off ended I was feeling a bit lost. We raised a lot of money but we have more to go. We have more to do, we have more teens to reach. I have this platform and I need to use it. I look at these Teens week after week and I need to keep this ball bouncing, rolling, spreading. I feel an insurmountable … feeling that I need to continue this.

How Mr. Armstrong fared……

Having a bigger purpose is a gift. Having something to work for that is so much more than you gives you drive like none other.Those who don’t understand will think it’s about you. Those who do get it….. you guys….. get that it’s all about Teens Living With Cancer.

Mr. McCormack lost his mother to breast cancer and began a foundation called MaccaNow. It’s amazing. It’s wonderful. What a way to honor the woman who raised you. I identify with him in his experience with cancer just like I did Mr. Armstrong. Just like I do these teens. What if we keep pulling those who are at the forefront in the fight…. what if we keep pulling them together. Keep fighting. Keep challenging, keep kicking….. together you and I ….. we make a difference.

Many more details to come. We have some time. And don’t worry, I ain’t afraid of M. McCormack. He is an Aussie which means he is completely crazy (crazy good as we say ’round here). Hell…… he gave me the secret to getting in his head right in his book. Mr. Armstrong wasn’t easy on me and I sure as hell don’t expect Mr. McCormack to be either. You bring it on brother.

The beautiful thing is this….. I have read your book, I have watched you race. You know nothing about me. I have had good results, I have had bad results. I have had everything in between sir. I have you right where I want you.(insert evil laugh here)

Mr. McCormack though….. is just another example of a professional athlete who is willing to use his platform and his place in this world to make a difference in a positive way.Β  admire that beyond belief . I am inspired by that. I am inspired to reach as someone like he does. I thank people like him in this world who do something. And for the right reason.

“You did what?” My husband asked me. “Oh my god.”

It’s back to the kickboard I go. Being that those of you who aren’t in the world of triathlon aren’t aware of who he is…. this becomes a bit more intimate, a bit more organic but trust me we have the same focus and the same drive. Details are being worked out as we speak because…. well I didn’t have a plan for this. It started out as a joke between Jen and I and well,Mr. McC. never backs down from a challenge.

I chicked Mr. Armstrong (choke, laugh) …. can I chick Macca? More importantly, how much can we raise? How much awareness can we bring? Can we absolutely kick the sh*t our of Cancer AGAIN?

Maybe these things are my way of giving cancer the middle finger. I have a feeling…. Mr. McC might feel the same way.

Oh and before I forget! Next Wednesday is our final assessment night of TLC Fit…. we have a special guest coming. An Ironman Champion. Stay tuned!



    yes, I am yelling πŸ™‚

  2. Ms.Eggers, I am a female age 54 at 5’1 and 198 lbs. I work as a respiratory therapist for 30 yrs all over the world. I have followed Lance Armatrong from his very first tweet! So when you challenged him, I followed the links to”Teens with Cancer and your Blog posts. Bought a t-shirt and followed along and waited with anticipation for pics and video! Somewhere along this journey I became inspired and “got my butt off the couch”! I’ve lost 8lbs so far! On May 13, 2011 I threw 24 blood clots through my lungs, I had a 60:1 chance of survival so Thank you, your writing,humor and overall way of approaching life struck “a cord” and reached all the way to Charleston SC. Please continue! I even been looking at beach bikes!

    • Wow Dana!!!! You are inspiring, amazing and I’m so proud of you!!!! You got this sister, please keep me updated!

      πŸ™‚ Mary!

  3. Mary,

    Thanks for this! I’m in the middle of final exams in middle school land (you know, the kind that are tri in nature, with a fourth… Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Comprehensive)….

    I happened to read this during planning and a break from organizing… and well… the best read possible! πŸ™‚

    You know Scott and I will do whatever is needed to support… shout, friend! πŸ™‚

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