Race Week

May 28, 2012

In less than a week I get to race again. Short course. Sprint. None of this race fueling and teeth stinging stuff. None of this pee myself on the bike and cap the HR or power. Just balls out 75 minutes of go as hard as I can go. Professionally speaking we call it “Best sustainable effort”

Again, I am going with balls out. It’s my favorite pace.

I have been dying for this.

I am returning to where it all began for me, literally. Where I did my first triathlon in 1995, or was it 1996? I was under age 25 back then (I am 38 now) and I have gotten to live so much of the triathlon change and growth and history.

That’s what much of this season shall bring for me. Short, hard, turn myself inside out efforts. Until Vegas anyway.

The past 5 days I have taken a good chunk of time to myself. For the most part the phone has been off. The past 8 weeks have been insane, and sometimes you don’t even notice the insanity until one day it comes to a halt and you find yourself trashed. It’s been wonderful. It’s allowed me to reconnect and rediscover and fall in love with many things all over again.

When things get quiet and things get clear that old friend of mine …. I notice him lurking in the corner.

Just a picture for fun! My little Ironman supporter!


Ironman and I have a tumultuous relationship at best. We click or we don’t. Ironman has taught me more about myself than I have ever wanted to know, good and bad. It’s brought out the best and worst in me. It’s seen my best and good lord, it has seen my worst days. In 2008 I was carried of the Lake Placid Course in an ambulance. In 2010 I came back, yet it wasn’t my best. I have 6, or is it 7 of these damn races under my belt. Yet I find myself again hungering for more.

Ironman and I have broken up and reconciled more times than I want to admit. I swear Ironman off, for a year, for forever and find myself longing for it again. I can’t commit either way. I plan on one then I change my mind. Unless I am signed up for one. I love and hate the pull it has on me. I love and hate the way it has a grip on me. I love and hate that I love and hate it at the same time.

I am strong and weak when it comes to this distance. The worst part is this: when I go short course for a season or two like I have done, I see Ironman and get drawn back in. I wish I could relax about our relationship and just admit that sometimes we are good together and sometimes we are not. But I can’t. I waffle when it comes to Ironman. But I accept that about myself. I accept that about this relationship. I know what that finish line means, I know what it represents. It’s not the 140.6 miles you cover on that day. It’s the journey that begins the 365 days before race day.

However Ironman….. you are still on the back burner. At least for 2012. Because Vegas is not that far away and I have some miles to get in and some speed to develop.

Looking at long term development as an athlete is difficult. For many of us long term development means this season. It’s rare to have an athlete, myself included come to us and just have that ability to look 2-3 years down the road. I had a long term plan 2 years ago, and some bumps presented themselves along the way that didn’t disrupt the plan, just changed it a bit. Just because things changed doesn’t mean the long term plan and the long term goals don’t exist anymore. It just means we readjust and align them again.

As I rode for a touch over four hours I felt like myself again. I felt healthy. I felt strong. Part of it was that I am ready. Part of that is that I am healthy. Part of that is the new bike. Something new always feels good.

But I have the desire. That’s all I need. When I have the desire…… look out.

Here at QT2… we have the system. It’s proven. Look at the results of our athletes. We have healthy thriving athletes, who are taking the scene by storm. What we have here works. How lucky am I that I get to train and race in that system?

How lucky am I that I get to work with amazing dieticians at the Core Diet? We have the whole package, I have made so many gains and I am ready to make more.

It’s race season, and I am raring to go. Five more days till I get to toe a start line. And I can’t freaking wait.


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