My life in a nutshell

June 10, 2012

Someone asked me the other day how I have the energy to do everything that I do. I smiled. The answer was really very simple: I only do what I love.

That’s the god’s honest truth. Last I checked we get one shot at this, therefore I won’t be doing anything that I don’t love. Period.

Admittedly….. I smile a sly smile when people tell me they “Don’t have time.” For things like I do. Just last week someone was venting to me that they never got to see their kids, that because they were a business owner they essentially carried the world on their back, they only had two hands…..

Again I smiled. Those are the choices we make in life, complaining about them solves nothing.

I once had an athlete sign up for Ironman and then continually wine to me that he had no time to put in the hours for it, he just didn’t have the time. I invited him to come to Rochester and shadow me for one day, and laid out my schedule for him. He never complained again.

Our lives are our choice. What we do for a living is really our choice. If our situation is bad it is up to us….. not anyone else….. to pick ourselves up and get the hell out of it. Notice that I didn’t say it was easy. If it were more people would do it. But anything in this world is possible if you want something bad enough. The brick walls in life are there to keep those who don’t want it bad enough….. out.

I never complain about having a busy life, in fact I won’t even lay out the schedule I keep. It’s mine. If people think I hang out of Facebook all day, I don’t care. I do nothing to change that. But essentially here are the stats, and these are in no particular order. I put Mom down on the list because I am hoping for an email that points it out. 🙂 People crack me up.

I am an RN: Many people don’t know that I am still a nurse. I work 20 hours a week as a nurse. What do I do? It’s classified. Classified? Classified. That kind of classified? Yes. It’s a specialized classified job. The end. Aside from that you will never hear me talk about it again except for me to tell you that I love being a nurse and will always be a nurse in some way. Always.

I am a triathlon coach: I work about 30 hours a week coaching with QT2 Systems. I used to own my own coaching company, and sold it to join this group whom I have been an athlete with for several years. Most of my coaching day is spent reviewing workout files, creating new training blocks, communicating with my athletes via phone, text email and skywriting if necessary and a lot of time is spent on my own coaching education through QT2.

I am a Mom: and I am a Mom to a child with some special needs. Because my readership has increased so much I don’t write about him as much, because he’s our son. But he’s amazing. Awesome. I miss none of his activities. I get him on and off the bus. I put him to bed every single night. After school is his time. I pack a whole lot between the hours he is at school.

I am a wife: to the most magnificent man in the world for the past 12 years. Who has understood me from day one, and whom I understand completely. He’s an athlete too, in fact a 9:54 Ironman and a National Champ a few times over. He is my teammate in every way there is. I didn’t say marriage is easy, but I will tell you that it’s worth it.

I am an athlete: I have been in this sport since my early 20’s. I train 18-20 hours per week. I train at strange hours.

I am a homeowner. We mow our own lawn. We do our own laundry and we clean our own house. Our home is our sanctuary. It’s a place to come home to. It’s a safe place. It’s where our hearts are.

I am a yoga Teacher: I teach 2 yoga classes a week at Breathe Yoga. This is my church.

I have a dog: I have a chocolate lab named Cocoa. Her middle name is puff. She’s going to be 3 years old. She gets walked every day and swims as much as possible.

I volunteer for Teens Living With Cancer: You may have heard of it by now. I design fitness programs for Teens recovering from Cancer. I love these kids. We raised over $71,000 so far for them. In case you hadn’t heard.

That’s a lot of things to be, and I love every single one of those things. In addition I am also a friend, a daughter and a sister. So how do I travel though a day? I am creative and my life is a race fueling plan. I also never ever complain. But here are a few rules I live by:

My hours: 4am to 7am are my hours. The only thing that disturbs these hours are if my husband, son or dog is sick. This is when I train. I never do athlete meetings at this hour, I may shoot off a few emails. I don’t get much time to myself so I am extremely protective about  this. This is my saving grace. It gives me focused time to train. (I do train longer on Sundays). It gives me focused time to just be by myself. It’s really the reason why I can do everything I do.

My life is a fueling plan: I work with one of our dietitians 1:1 at The Core Diet. She helps me plan my day nutritionally because my schedule requires it.

I never let on how busy I am. No one wants to hear that. If you are too busy, make a change in your life. If you are not doing 100% everything you want to be doing…. make a change in your life. I am not rich, if I were rich maybe I would hang out on Facebook all day. Then again….. I wouldn’t. If you email or text me and are my family or one of my athletes, you get an immediate response. If you don’t get an immediate response you know I am tied up and you will get one within 4 hours most days.

I get enough sleep: I sleep 6-7 hours a night and I take a 20 minute nap during the day. I sleep like a rock. I never have trouble. I could sleep in the middle of a highway. My sleep quality ability is the greatest gift I have ever been given.

I live with a lot of love. That needs no explanation.

I live by simple rules. I found these years ago and wasn’t sure of who wrote them, I believe they are taken from Jim Rohn.


If you don’t produce you won’t be happy.

Good friends

The greatest support system in the world is good friends. You can’t be careless here, you need good friends. Friends are those people who know all about you and still like you.


I’m not asking you to be a believer. I am a believer that humans are more than an advanced form of the animal kingdom. I’m a believer that we are a special creation. I don’t ask you to be a believer, but if you are a believer here is what you must do: Whatever is valuable to you, you must Study, Practice & Teach.

Don’t miss anything

Don’t miss the game, don’t miss the show, don’t miss the words. Even the small things, don’t miss them because these things make for a good life. Pay attention to the lyrics of songs that nourish the soul, you got to remember the words.

Do your research and don’t miss anything. “If you live well, you will earn well”. If you live well it will show up in the texture of your voice, if you live well it will show up in your face, if you live well it will show up in the magnetism of your personality. So don’t miss the nourishment of all the things around you that can help you live a good life.

The Inner Circle (Your Family)

Take care of them, they will take care of you, inspire them, they will inspire you. Nothing is more valuable than the inner circle. That’s where the power to conquer the world comes from. If a father walks out of his house and can still, all day long feel his daughters kiss on his face, he’s a powerful man. The greatest virtue and value is one person caring for another, it is LOVE.

It is better living in a tent on a beach with someone you love, than a mansion by yourself.

We have a chance as human beings to participate in the miracle process

You can do this any day and everyday. Changing somebody’s life, rescuing someone from oblivion, building an organization second to none so that your name will appear in many peoples testimonials.

These are the keys to Living A Good Life.

I am not someone who is complicated. These days we make ordering coffee complicated. That’s too crazy and time-consuming. I am simple. Per the advice of Steve Jobs I look in the mirror every single morning (usually at 3:45am) and I ask myself if I truly want to be doing everything that I get to do that day. The answer has been yes but I still ask it.

It’s not everything I have to do…. it’s everything I get to do. Work, play, everything. I want to do everything that I do in my life. I don’t live a balanced life, I live an exciting, insane integrated life of my choice. I know how to pick myself up by the bootstraps….. I have had to do that before. Do it once and it teaches you this: if you want something bad enough, you will move heaven and earth to make it happen.



  1. What an inspiring post, what an inspiring woman. Thank you. Reading your blog just made my day!

  2. Thank you so much for putting in to words what I never am able to explain to others about my insane life.

  3. Mary, you are fabulous! I have been reading your blog for several years now and I come to read it because you are an example of that last line: you get to do your life, not have to. I asprie to be more like that everyday. Baby steps! 🙂

  4. totally a rad chick you are.

  5. That’s your life in a “nutshell?” Must be a freakin’ huge nut!

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