Roo girl

July 4, 2012

Has this been the year of the bike drama or what?

My new  Quintana Roo was ready for fitting and pick up yesterday. I have it, I love it. It’s awesome.

But first…. what happened to the Kestrel? I still have the Kestrel. I still love the Kestrel. I learned the hard way that dealing directly with Steve from Kestrel is 100% the route to take. This man would spin the world backwards for his customers. Turns out the frame did not crack, but there was an issue with the rear drops outs on some of the frames. He overnight-ed me the repair kit and new bolts and voila. fixed. Rides like a dream.  Dealing with them directly is like dealing with parents who only want the best for their kids… or in my case…. customers. I can’t say enough about them. Awesome.

When Quintana Roo came along and dropped the CD01 Dura Ace frame on my doorstep…..and they did that LITERALLY….. as a gift, a thank you for the work we did with Teens Living With Cancer….. it became special. To join my fellow Roo girls (you know who you are) on this frame is an honor. Quintana Roo also donated the bike to Teens Living With Cancer….. obviously they are well aware and involved and ….. my jaw is still on the floor in gratitude.

Suddenly I have two amazing bikes. One paid for, one as a gift. I can’t be luckier. I am well, well aware of that.

Jim, Chad and the gang at Geneva Bikes took the job of building up the Quintana Roo. I am not sponsored by them, but I support them. I have decided to not affiliate in a  sponsorship way with any bike shop this season. It’s always been my view that I need to pay for work that is done. It’s not fair to the talented mechanics who work on a bike to not pay them for their labor. I have been in the situation of “all labor free” and it’s not comfortable to me. It’s like not paying someone who works on your car. You depend on their talent and work to keep you safe. They deserve to be compensated for that.

I am happy to pay for my bikes to be serviced. To me that also means that the work is 100% perfect. (note: I have never had bad service anywhere by the way…. free or paid for).

Stu at The Geneva Bicycle Center was the one who meticulously put together the bike, navigated some curves….. and the result was this:

Oh yes, the pink bar tape was by my choice. I have a pink helmet to match even. Eggers goes pink.

Why? You know everything I do has meaning. What does pink represent? It represents that I support those with breast cancer and breast cancer research.Even though I work with Teens Living With Cancer…. I can support. Besides….. teens get breast cancer too.

Chad at Geneva gave me a good fit matching what position I was previously in, and Jim Hogan, the owner brought the whole package together. Taught me how to widen the brakes the right way (I am new to these under the frame brakes!) and reminded me again….. to change my brake pads with my race wheels.

I will this time Jim. I will!

I don’t know if you are aware of this….. but The Geneva Bike Shop donated a bike fitting the Michaela, who was awarded the Quintana Roo frame by Cait Snow. They owe me some pictures for that!!!

In all the years that I have known Jim and the gang at Geneva….. they have always always had my back. No matter where I go, what I do, how dirty I bring in my bike….. they are always there for me. They will be your bike support at the Musselman too, so make sure you stop by and thank them for being a sponsor of the race since the beginning.

So please, check out their website. Like I said, I am not sponsored by any bike shop….. which gives me the freedom to choose and explore. I have explored a lot of places. There is no place like home.

Thank you so much Quintana Roo, for the gift of a lifetime. A month ago you guys called me up and offered me what I couldn’t refuse. I am so appreciative of that, I hope to do you proud on this bike. What a gift, what an honor. I don’t take this lightly…… trust me on that!



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