The traveling roadshow has begun!

July 10, 2012

I can’t believe sometimes what I get to do in my life. It all feels like one giant privilege and never something I am entitled to. I have put in a lot of hard work in this sport and I have spent years and years forming the relationships I have formed. This weekend was another layer on the cake of life that I find to be incredibly delicious and rewarding at the same time.

This weekend was the 2012 Runner’s remedy A Tri in the Buff down at Evangola State Park. I am the Score-This Series announcer, or as I have been told…. the voice of Score-This. The crew from Score-This and I have known each other for something like 15 years, so my becoming the announcer was just something that evolved a few years ago.

They pay me to talk for 7 hours. Sometimes 8. Seriously…… I get paid to talk!

In 2009 I was invited to announce with the legendary Andy Schachat up at the Pumpkinman. Andy is to New England triathlon what Mike Riley is to Ironman. I learned more in that day of announcing than I learned from anyone else. He taught me how to do it, how to play the music, what people wanted to hear. It was the opportunity to work with the best of the best, and I am continually grateful to have had that chance.

This season I am announcing the Score-This Series, the Rochester Kids Triathlon and the RATS triathlon. At the same time I get to announce, Curt and Luc race and Luc also is the assistant bike captain next to Jeff Tracey. So it is really a family affair.

This season QT2 and The Core Diet are the exclusive coaching and nutrition sponsor of the series……

I am pretty proud to have of course help make that happen. Not only do I work for QT2, but I believe in our work and I get to promote what I believe in and help two companies I love so dearly come together in a way that benefits us all!

It was a stunning day for a race, the heat wave has hit us too but all of our races went  on as planned.

This was my favorite competitor to bring through the finish line (kids race of course)

It was a weekend of racing all around for my Qt2 Systems Athletes. One of our Mission Planners, Solveig improved her time at A Tri in the Buff and got one step closer to the podium and the Once Again Nut Butter that all podium finisher’s get!

Speaking of athletes I get to coach, we had a pretty big weekend in terms of achievements for many of them:

This is Katie, she was the overall female at the Tri for Real Olympic Distance race out in California!

Of course right here at home at a Tri in the Buff Dan Pierce, fresh off of a 10:07 at Ironman CDA… won the sprint race, and my husband Curt (who joined QT2 via the Mission Plan program) was third!

Dan keeps telling me that Curt is his father. Does that make him my son?

QT2 Systems has a strong showing over at the NYC triathlon this weekend, I was pretty proud of Randolph R.’s 16th age group place. He’s getting ready for Ironman NYC and has the long miles are under his belt!

Up in New Hampshire we had Steve G. and his entire family racing the Black Fly triathlon. His daughter did incredible enough for me to ask him if he knew about the U19 talent development program though USAT! Steve did a bike time trial Friday night placing 26th overall, Saturday he does the Olympic distance race where he placed third in his age group, then because that wasn’t enough he did the sprint on Sunday placing 31st overall which had him up in the age group too. Insane.

Steve is executing Zone R properly this week!

That’s the beautiful thing about coaching, watching these athletes reach and achieve their dreams. These race performances were not built-in the last block of their training. It was built-in the basement, in February at 4am. As a coach you take a journey with them and that’s what I have LOVED about coaching (which I have been doing since 2004). It’s been almost a year since I sold my business and joined QT2 and I am head over heels in love with that decision. I have learned so much as a coach and I have met unbelievable people.

Annually at Ironman Lake Placid I have taken a team of no less than ten athletes. One year I coached twenty for that race. I was out of my mind. This year QT2 has a boatload of athletes and I have three. One of the greatest things joining QT2 has allowed for me is to reduce the number of athletes I coach. My most ever was 30 in one season, now I coach eight. I can’t tell you the difference that makes for me and especially for them. You get good individual attention around here.

I love it. I am so glad to be here.

It’s weekends like this where I step back, smile and am really thankful for what this sport has given to me and my life. I met my husband here, we have raised our family here. I have friends that are actually family to me. I get to be involved in this sport on all sides and I even get to compete.

Speaking of competing……. next year I have finally settled on a race schedule. Because my schedule will allow it, there will be two full Ironmans, Mt. Tremblant and Florida. I will also get in two half Ironmans before then (Texas 70.3 and Musselman). The beauty of knowing my schedule and my goals so far in advance is that I can really plan.

That’s another thing  about Qt2. In our world it’s not build and recover. It’s …. how does this all fit together. How does January relate to June?

So next year will be a big year for me. I have the luxury of time to get some things underway. Because of that I have decided to do something I have never done before. I am running the Philly marathon in November and I want to do it right. I don’t want to run a marathon as a side dish to triathlon. Too many of us do that.

My last race of 2013 will be on August 4th and then I will primarily run until November. It’s going to be the first swim / bike break I have ever taken. Now I will use those as cross training and for recovery, but otherwise I will rest them. We know that when we properly rest we come back stronger. Because of the season I have lined up for 2013 I don’t have the fear that I will lose anything.

I am confident that given the proper preparation a 3:35 marathon is a realistic goal for me. It’s been so long since I have run one outside of an Ironman that it almost feels new again. This focus will also give me the ability to work on what’s always been my weak link.

I also have a jam-packed fall schedule with a trip to Kona and Panama City Beach, so this will make things easier! Hip Hip!

Whew. I feel like I am a traveling road show these next 8 weeks. Pack up the Eggers RV (if we had one) and hold onto your goggles.

Assistant bike captain of the Score-This Series!

This summer has JUST begun!


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