Musselman weekend report!

July 16, 2012

Musselman weekend. There is so much to love. Like I said last time… I have been a part of this race since 2004 (I was lucky enough to win, and won a complimentary entry for LIFE!!!). It’s the homecoming weekend in so many ways.

On Saturday morning I raced the Mini Mussel, and I was so excited to race my new Quintana Roo. Let me tell you … this thing is a dream to ride. I felt like a fighter pilot.

This expression sums up my season! PAR-TAY!

I love this race because it brings a boatload of talent to Geneva year after year. Annually I always know I can look forward to catching up with my friend Julie Rosa. We met here in 04 and this is kind of our thing. We know we will be here, we spend some time catching up, too much time giggling and we get to race one another. These are the kind of friendships I appreciate and treasure so much.

My friend Ultra Adam came to do the Double Mussel and we wagered a friendly bet. I lost. I had to buy him beer Saturday night. Admittance.

I have to also admit I was a bit of a party girl in this race. During the run a man came up to me and said “For the last 2 miles I have been running behind you, is this your homecoming parade or is this a race?” Ahhhhh…. so busted. Later in the evening my inbox was full of pictures of me smiling, waving… all I can do is laugh. What the heck was I doing on that run? Not enough!!!

When I was 30 I could spend 18 hours a week training in zone 1 and come rip off a good sprint. Now that I am 38, I have to actually spend some time in a higher heart rate if I expect to hit that on race day! HAHA! No… seriously. Not enough hurt and too much fun. I have been on a bit of a coasting year. When you beat Armstrong you can do that? HA!  I am healthy and getting stronger and every day is a building block. My fire is returning and I have concrete goals for the fall and for 2013 that I am chomping at the bit to get started on!!!

A few of us girls were talking after the race and it was good to know that others felt the same. It’s okay to have a bit of a break year, dial it back a bit, let the fire return on it’s own. During the race I felt fine, I felt fit…. I felt like I was in gear one and needed to be in gear 5….. and had too much fun.

If my biggest problem in a race is having too much fun….. that’s a good problem to have. I ended up 6th overall and 1st age group and honestly, I can’t complain about that. It was a beautifully talented field and I am well aware that I am a benchmark for some women. for them to walk away with an “I beat Mary Eggers”….. I accept that as a compliment. I am honored to help raise anyone’s game. Some women take that as an insult. I have had plenty of days where I have walked away with the win, and plenty of days where I haven’t. Today was a party and I was psyched to be part. My days at the top of the podium will come again. Most importantly for me, my health is good and we are moving in the right direction. A little coasting season helps with that space between your ears. I don’t care how much preparation and talent you have…. if your mental fitness isn’t up to par, it’s all worthless.

I have accomplished a lot this season. Just so happens that it’s been off the field, in our Teens Living With cancer Endeavors. I must tell you, at the end of the day, above all wins, course records, qualifications and victories….. that feel like the biggest achievement of my life. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished so far. $75K and counting. And to remind you, that is not a ME accomplishment… it’s a WE accomplishment.

Where was I?

My husband placed 5th overall in his respective race, I LOVE that he can threaten the young guys. And speaking of young guys…. Luc stepped up into the 10-13 year old kid’s race distance. In this video you will notice that while he is last…. he keeps going and he’s having fun. You will see my hand waving in there a lot, I was trying to create space for him to run through and on the kid’s bike the kids had to ride on the left which got a bit confusing, but it worked!

Sunday morning wa the Musselman 1/2 Ironman. depending on the season I opt for one or the other of these races, next year maybe the double!!! One of my fellow QT2 Coaches / Teammates Pat Wheeler was here to race and we had several QT2 athletes in the mix. My long time friend Chad Holderbaum, who won last year also came to town again, fresh off his incredible top age group performance at Ironman CDA. Pat’s wife Courtney and I trolled the course as we scouted for the guys. It got a little bit rainy but nothing a little wetsuit action couldn’t handle!

It was a fantastic men’s race. Like I said so much talent (on both men’s and women’s sides) comes through Geneva, it’s one of those races where you really get to see some of the best. And have a blast in the meantime.

My triathlon family…. Score-This was timing the event as always….. I tell you the thing I love MOST about Musselman is the family atmosphere we have here over the years! Did I mention there was LIVE TIMING OF THE EVENT!!!!!!!!!

Jeff and I!

Hard at work!

To say there is history with these guys is an understatement. To say that there is history between so many of us is an even bigger understatement. I always feel like Musselman is a homecoming event. On that run Saturday I felt like the darn homecoming queen! HA!

I am proud, I am happy. I am lucky my entire family does this together. I am so lucky for all of this.

My fire is returning. I am feeling great Every day is a step towards the goals I have set. forward progress. That’s good stuff.

We’ve got a busy week ahead with Ironman lake Placid on the docket. We will be heading there on Tuesday, executing some coaching work, training camp and more coaching! Qt2 has become my family in more ways than one. After that it’s one more small race, then full fledged Marathon training!

But first I have a three day swim camp with a surprise out of town guest. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning I am going to get my ass handed to me in the pool. I need it. Wish me luck.


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