Lake Placid Day One

July 19, 2012

I am in Lake Placid. I am SOOOOOOOOO happy to be here. Every time I come up over that hill, you know the one…. you catch your first sight of Mirror Lake….. every time my heart just soars. I love this place.

No… I am not racing Ironman Lake Placid (I have four times)… I am here coaching, doing some learning with my fellow QT2 Coaches and training. This morning I slept in until 6am. I am not running until 8 (With my friend Samantha). Then Molly and I will have breakfast with K Roe, ride a loop of the course at noon….. swim with Kim and have dinner afterwards. It’s going to be those kind of days. This is my type of vacation.

We have about 30 QT2 athletes competing in Ironman Lake Placid.Our giant team breakfast is on Saturday. We have 7 pros toeing the line. It’s going to be a Qt2 extravaganza.

I love it here because it’s a small mountain town with postcard qualify scenery. From the balcony on which I sit I can see mountains and the ski jumps. Ironman village is set up and let’s face it….. I am a junkie for this stuff.

Much more to come …. along with pictures and stories I am sure!

Hello Lake Placid. It’s wonderful to be here again.




  1. you are swimming with another Kim…..please dont tell me Ive been replaced!!!?!?!

    • Kim schwsbenbauer! You know her!

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