Lake Placid Awesomesauce

July 20, 2012

If I haven’t mentioned it yet… I love it here. LOVE.

And the girls of room ten have reunited. Marley the dog is here too. Although we are now the girls of room 26. We have moved up in the world and our location here in Placid might be the greatest one ever.

Yesterday was a solid day of training … running with friends…. cycling a loop of the course, two loop swim in Mirror Lake, dinner with Kim & Kyle…..  it was of course… awesome. I got a video of the descent with my Go Pro helmet cam, I will try to load that later today. We ran into Mike Riley in the expo, and got to talk with him a bit about the kick offs!

View from our hotel

Gifts for Curty

Today is going to be busier. I have three athletes competing here, and QT2 has over 30. (7 pros!). We have our team breakfast tomorrow morning which has grown to over 90 people, along with the annual Tim and Jesse IMLP course review. This is one of my favorite talks of the year. Tim Snow has competed in more than 30 Ironmans and has made every mistake in the book. He shares his experience and Jesse and he share their expertise. It’s my third time at this chat and I love it every time.

I am easing into marathon training and quickly learning that a marathon takes less time in a way than Ironman training, although it’s harder on your body. On tap today is a double run, recovery swim and the TRX that I forgot to do yesterday. I am hoping for a recovery bike as well! Lots of coaching meetings and coaching education stuff today. Love this stuff. I love that I get to do it here.

Things pick up today…. that’s for sure. Ironman village is built, the expo is hoppin’ and we are just TWO DAYS AWAY!



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  1. Mary, I can tell my excitement of this area is equal and this is only my 3rd time to Lake placid but the beauty of it all is amazing esspically the run portion of the race. Keep the messages coming 😊

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