Light…… lost

July 30, 2012

Yesterday morning our community lost a beautiful woman. A mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, teacher. According to reports she was riding her bike at 7:45am on a Sunday morning when she was struck by a motorcycle passing a car, thrown from her bike and then hit by the car. Apparently both drivers were…. drunk. Let me repeat…… Sunday morning…. 7:45am.

The rage felt throughout this community is deep. The pain is deeper. It’s one thing when it’s an accident. I don’t see how you can call this an accident.

I was told that….. one more law isn’t going to help….. we can’t change things. Watch us.

In the meantime….. before any of that begins we have to remember we have a family who lost their wife, mother and sister, students who lost their teacher, and we have the Rochester Moms in Motion who lost their shining star. If you know anything about the Moms in Motion group around here…. they are family. Right now we need prayers for everyone Heather touched.

Heather is a wife and the mother of two young children. She is a teacher. She is a tremendous athlete. Recently Heather completed her first 1/2 Ironman at the Musselman. As I understand it she was planning on going to USAT Age Group Nationals in 3 weeks.

That’s just a fraction of what she did in her life.

Saturday morning she came bounding up to me at the Rochester Kid’s Triathlon …. so excited her kids were racing and so proud of a young man who was competing. Happiness just poured from her. She is the kind of woman who lived her life to the fullest, who was cherishing every single day, who was an inspiration to everyone who had the honor of knowing her.

There is a lot of healing this community needs to endure right now. So let’s begin there first. If you have something pink…. wear it today. She’s a member of Rochester’s Moms in Motion and pink is their color. I will be in touch with USAT today to see if they can place a pink balloon at her spot in transition at Nationals. I will make sure that we have pink balloons on site at the Finger Lakes Triathlon … whether she was planning on being there or not doesn’t matter. She’s a member of this community.

Next weekend is the Ride for Royston, to benefit a man named Kevin Royston who was hit 2 months ago, left for dead and lost his leg. That was also a DWI case. Right now…. I ask you to come and join us. I know the Moms in Motion will be putting together a ride in Heather’s honor….. and of course we will promote, attend and support that. I ask that we all go this weekend and ride together. To begin to heal and to begin to think of how we as a community can stop this senselessness. Come ride, wear something pink…. I am told the MIM’s are creating T shirts and arm bands for other events they are already scheduled to compete

Photo by Laura Knights

But let’s be together as a community this weekend.

You can’t teach someone good morals and ethics…. I am told. I know someone who is drunk at 7:45 in the morning isn’t thinking about bicycle or pedestrian safety. But I do know we can create awareness. I do know laws can be tougher on the convicted. I do believe as a community we will not allow her to have died in vain. I was told you can’t change things and that one more law on the books won’t make a difference.

Good. Keep telling me that.

Today is a day of grieving. For a woman who should not have been lost. Today is a day of prayers and coming together.

Please wear something pink.

“I’m amazed how fast time flies…It reminds me that every minute of life is a treasure!” – Heather Boyum



  1. Mary, thank you so much. Your sweet words are greatly appreciated. We are heartbroken.

  2. our thoughts are with you. A young Corpsman riding his bicycle to work onboard Camp Lejeune in North Carolina was just killed by a motor vehicle in the past few weeks as well. This is a story that is being told way too often.
    Good luck with your efforts to put more laws in place to support our cyclists!

  3. Thank you Mary.

  4. Awesome job Mary. Beautifully worded.

  5. My thoughts are with the family, friends, school & Moms in motion. So sorry for your tremendous loss.

  6. Thank you Mary, this was just perfectly said.

  7. I so hate reading stories like this – and, sadly, they are all to commonplace.

    Certainly, prayers and condolences go out to Heather’s family. It makes me so sad to think about her kids growing up without their mother; her husband without his spouse.

    Thanks for sharing – very touching testimonial by you.

  8. I am sooo saddened by this 😦

  9. Such strong and tender words. Such beautiful writing that should never have had to be written. So sorry for your loss.

  10. My husband was at the Musselman half iron. Tragic. He worries all the time about people not paying attention while driving cars when he’s on his bike. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  11. Thank you for sharing. I am weeping and crying for her family and friends. She was a beautiful, inspiring person.

  12. Thank you for your words Mary! This is such a horrible senseless reckless tragedy. Every time my husband, Andrew, goes out on his bike I pray to God that he comes home safely.

  13. A beautifully written tribute to a beautiful and inspiring person. I hope we can all do something – big or small – to inspire changes so that this never happens to anyone else’s family.

  14. Such a tragic loss, that could have been prevented. It Should not take a human losing their life and children losing their mother, for strict laws on Drunk Driving. So sadden losing another person whom I was honored to have known growing up in our small community. God speed Heather

  15. Well done.. I will pass the word on the pink.. and sending prayers for her husband and babies.. the picture on the hill gives me chills…

  16. As a proud mother of a MIM….I grieve along with all of you . The loss of any one person, mother, friend, sister, brother, father, cousin, neighbor, whoever, because of drivers who are drunk is almost as bad as premeditated murder because these drinkers make the choice to drink to excess and then play Russian Roulette with peoples lives by getting behind a wheel, bike or car. My prayers are with you all.
    Mother of Mimi Frezza

  17. Stopped at the place where the incident took place on my way to work this morning and left next to the cross a bike chain. She will be sorely missed, many prayers to her family and friends

  18. I am not officially a MIM, but I am friends with many of the amazing, beautiful women that are. I feel blessed to know them and also for the opportunity to meet Heather just recently. Thinking about all of these cycling accidents in the past few months, I think something should be done as well! We should look into changing the law that cyclists should ride with traffic. Riding against it makes more sense so we can see what is coming. We should work together to make a change to protect our fellow cyclists, while remembering those we have lost.

  19. Shocked and saddened when I heard the news. I’ll keep her family in my prayers. (It seems like only yesterday Roger Messenger was struck by a car and killed while on his bike.)

  20. Fight for more and better substance abuse treatment. Recivism is high. Fight to increase enforcement since perception of of the risk of getting caught is low. Fight for bike paths and distinct bike lanes so you all can be safe and healthy! If it isnt the drunk driver, it could be the texting driver or the tired driver. This country needs to learn to support multiple modes of transportation.

  21. Mary – your words ring true – something MUST be done. This is senseless, sad and tragic. A life lost too soon.

  22. Wonderful post. Unbelieveable tragedy. Senseless, sad and infuriating.

  23. I didn’t know her but it hits home like a ton of bricks. I just had a friend who wiped out on her bike on Sunday when we were riding. I have heard way too many bad stories this week. Thoughts are with her family and friends. Mary keep me posted on whatever you do I am totallly interested.

  24. This hits home so hard. I too was at Musselman. Words cannot express how I feel about this whole thing. I did not know her but I feel like I do. Mary keep me posted on anything you do. My prayers go out to the family and friends.

  25. I’m heartsick about this. Didn’t know her but it is just such a tragedy. Thoughts and prayers to all her family and friends…

  26. Such a tragedy. My heart goes out to her children, husband and all that were lucky to have known Heather. Our Moms In Motion family nationwide holds her and her family in our thoughts and prayers.

  27. My hand goes to my heart as I read this. My MIM team in elk grove, ca will also honor her memory in any way we can. All my love.
    Wendy Hoag

  28. So sorry to hear. Is just not fair. Thinking of her family…

  29. This is very heart breaking God be with her Family Our prayers are with you

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