From Captain Jareke: Rules for Royston

August 3, 2012


Saturday is the big day. The Ride 4 Royston is happening. Big thanks to everyone who is sponsoring this event, especially to our fearless leader, Dan Jareke. Dan passed on the following information … the Rules for Royston. This is important. Please SHARE.

  • Please ride to the RIGHT of the white line unless road conditions won’t allow it.
  • Please ride SINGLE FILE. Exception: You can ride two abreast as long as you stay to the RIGHT of the white line.
  • There are no road closures and there will be no assistance at intersections. All riders are responsible for their own safety.
  • DO NOT overlap wheels! This is the best way to cause an accident when riding in a group.
  • Please bring enough hydration and nutrition to ride for 35 miles (2 hours) non-stop.
  • Finally, please be prompt. The ride needs to leave on time if we are to keep our schedule at the Heather Boyum Memorial site.

In addition I have this message to share from Heather Snyder, one of our Moms in Motion sisters:

For those who are not riding, but are coming to the site in support, it is IMPERATIVE that you park at the church on the right hand side of the road, north of the site. Bonnie V. of Moms In Motion, has been coordinating with local law enforcement and they are emphatic that we get the word out that NO ONE should park along the road near the site. If there was ever a time we should be exhibiting exemplary behavior as motorists, cyclists & runners, this is it.

Also, thank you to Amy Lembo, another MIM’s sister for letting us know that Harris Garden Center  on 250 is open to all who need restroom facilities at the Heather Boyum site when we arrive there.






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