Share the Road Meeting

August 24, 2012

I am still not on the open roads with my bike. I am just not ready. Instead I have been logging the miles on my computrainer, my home spinning bike and on the gym spin bike. I know it’s silly…… but I am just not ready. As my friend Todd told me…… I can’t not get out there. He’s been riding for more than 20 years “I need to feel the wind in my hair.” He said. (within his helmet of course).

I do too. I need to feel that again. The feeling of riding. I am just not ready.

Our Share the Road meeting is coming up. It’s Thursday August 30th. Because of parking logistics and over 150 people scheduled to attend the meeting will now be held at Fairport High School, where Heather Boyum was a beloved Science teacher. Thanks so much to Fairport High School for allowing us this venue. Securing a place these days was not easy. People wanted insurance, control of the meeting, etc. Big thanks to the people who worked on that for us. I didn’t do anything to secure the venue…. it was all done with help.

This is not a Mary endeavor, this is a community endeavor.

We don’t want this meeting to be the endpoint. We want it to be the starting point. I can’t tell you how many emails I have gotten that have said “Mary I applaud your efforts, but change is too damn hard, bureaucratic and layered.”. That’s fine. I don’t really care how hard something is.

I know a thing or two about going up against something much bigger than me. And again this isn’t Mary versus the dragon, it’s all of us together. I have learned if you really believe in what you aim for….. then you just systematically navigate what you have to navigate and work until it’s done. Nothing worth anything was done overnight.

There could be up to 200 people at this meeting. What I am interested in knowing is this: will you all still be here 6 months from now?

The mission of this meeting is to bring this community together, educate and inform, and let you know what’s being done. We will hold this meeting in less than 90 minutes. I will be the timekeeper and each of the speakers we have, will be held to a 10 minute timeframe. The exceptions will be the Boyum Family who will decide whether or not to speak at the last minute, and Sheriff O’Flynn.

But read on.

The meeting will be held at Fairport High School on Thursday August 30th at 7pm. Here is the agenda:

1. I will start the meeting and give a quick intro.

2. Heather’s family may speak.

3. Todd Sheske: Todd is local cycling in my opinion. He’s been riding and competing for over 20 years and is the director of the MVP Cycling Team here in Rochester. He is also the founder of the Jon Dechau Foundation. Jon was killed 6 years ago while riding on 5&20 in the town of Lima, by a distracted driver. Click here to learn more about Jon. Todd will speak a bit about the foundation, and he will focus on the rules of the road from a cyclist’s standpoint.

4. Rachel Stockholm: Rachel began a petition (click here to read and sign) that asks our state representatives for stricter DWI laws and enforcement. She will let us know where she is at with working with our elected officials and what steps we need to take next to get this to happen.

5. Tom DeRoller:  Chair of the American Diabetes Association Tour-de-Cure Ride, Captain of team Chain Reaction/Midtown, and as an avid recreational cyclist who has survived a near fatal bike/car accident 4 yrs. ago (shattered hip & fractured femur) Tom is also the Lifestyle director at MidTown Athletic Club. He is going to share some of his experiences as a cyclist who has been hit as well as his group’s efforts to make our roads safer.

6. Moms in Motion Representative: One of the awesome MIM’s is going to be speaking about the shirts that are going to be sold to raise money for Heather’s children’s educational fund. I believe and I will confirm that you will be able to place an order at the meeting, if so….  “cost is $20 for adults and $15 for kids – all proceeds to Frazer and Paige’s education fund. We are offering men’s and women’s technical shirts, with the kids shirts in cotton. We are asking for cash (please and thank you) and on the front of the envelope – name, and number of shirts, sizes and if it’s a men’s or women’s shirt”. Again I will confirm.

7. Sheriff O’Flynn: The Sheriff will be coming to take your questions. Because we are going to keep things very controlled and orderly we are going to ask that you submit your question to me, via email at “maryeggers at gmail dot com” before Wednesday August 29th. I will be asking the questions on your behalf, and will include your first name. This is our best best to keep things in control and prevent emotion from rising up. Please remember, the Sheriff’s office is responsible for enforcing and not creating the laws. They are also very interested in working together with us to make these roads safer. Again, email me the questions and I will prepare them for the meeting.

200 people have RSVP’d on our Facebook page. If you can join us, please RSVP so we have a rough idea of how many to expect. If you did RSVP, please come. The reason we pushed the meeting to the end of August was to let some of the emotion settle so that we could get to work.

This is a starting point, not an ending point. We have a great core group of people who are working hard to get things done. I can’t thank them enough for all of their assistance in this effort. I think it really speaks to the community that we are.

When I have been out running I feel like drivers are more aware. They give me more space. One apologized to me because he thought he cut me off (he didn’t). I have changed my driving habits entirely. My phone rides in the way back, I pause longer at stop signs.

Again….. bike safety did not kill Heather Boyum…. drunk driving did. Just this week an accident was narrowly and miraculously avoided on the highway…. a drunk driver…. a repeat offender was driving the wrong way. I am still stunned that drunk driving is a problem. I can’t believe people do it. I learned long ago not to. It’s just plain stupid. Killings due to it are preventable. 100%.

Please share and invite and email me your questions for the Sheriff. And we will see you on the 30th.


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  1. As a cyclist who was recently injuried from a bicycle/car accident, that left me with 6 broken ribs but alive to tell you about it. The cars and drivers need to understand that cyclist travel faster than what they seem to comprehend. As i was entering the intersection on a green light a driver approaching in the other direction decided to make the left hand turn in front of me. No time to brake or move away. The driver was given a failure to yield ticket but it could have been worst. Share the road is the right message.

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