September 1, 2012

I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out to the first ever Rochester Share the Road Meeting. It was better than I expected, I was so honored and at the same time I hated that we had to be there. I felt horrible for being glad everyone came because of what it took to get there.

I am going to take just a few more days to finalize the summary and the talking points and what I think are the action points. Look for all of that on Monday. It means a lot to me to be able to capture it correctly, if that makes sense. We had a lot of amazing people there and I walked away with the thought….. this can actually happen.

And then comes that pit in my stomach about why we are there in the first place.

Look for that on Monday….. right here, and again….. THANK YOU.

Switching gears for a minute to a much much lighter and less important topic…… training.

Week 3 of working with Coach Michelle here at QT2 Systems … and it’s going smooth.  My first foray of working with a female coach is no big deal at all. She’s terrific. It helps that I have trained in this system and I know the ins and outs of it firsthand. It takes a lot of the trust work out of the process.

Again I laugh at myself. I spent 2 years as a QT2 Systems athlete and thought I had cracked the code as to what goes into our coaching programs. Then I became a coach (after coaching on my own 7 years) with QT2 and realized that all I knew was that the boat was floating in the surface. There are miles and miles below the ocean that our athletes don’t see nor realize.

We have 26 athletes going to Kona. I think that says it all right there.

Man that’s going to be fun.

My training involves a very balanced approach to this marathon. Swimming, biking and running are all involved…. and I am doing a lot of intensity work on all three fronts. Remember: I spent since spring in zone 1 so it’s not like I am jumping right into intensity. I was on a zone one aerobic vacation. Essentially the marathon is just the building block to 2013, get me back into the competition side of things, give my running a little focus and give me something different to focus on. But Michelle is perfect for me. I knew Jesse would pair me with the right coach.

It’s a good change, it’s a challenging change. I feel good.

I added another piece to this puzzle as well. I added in Personal Trainer Steve Lopes from MidTown Athletic Club. Since April I have been taking his triple fusion class every Thursday and I appreciate the knowledge he has of functional strength. In two sessions with him thus far I haven’t lifted one weight (that I can remember). I have stepped on and off boxes, thrown a medicine ball against a wall, walked with bands around my ankles and thighs. I have crawled under bars, used the ViPR, and done so many things I can’t even remember.He has me in a  whole body dynamic rotational focus I guess you could say and in just two sessions I feel a difference. I feel how this is going to help me.

And I get stretched! YES!

Between Michelle, Steve, Rachel my dietician here at The Core Diet and a few others I have added to my mix….. 2013 looks GOOD.

As athletes we are only as strong as our weakest link. One things I really enjoy about being in and working in the fitness industry in the various roles that I do…. is the opportunity to learn from others. When we stop learning we stop growing. When we stop growing we become stagnant and when we do that we offer less and less to those who we are aiming to reach and help in our own ways. As much as I love being a coach and a fitness consultant…. I like to shut my mind off and become the student. I like to wear the student hat just as much as my other hats. Plus I am an absolute dream to coach and train because I do what I am told. I work hard and I shut up.

So everything is feeling good. It’s good to be back into the formal training swing of things. I am itchy to race and am purposely holding off. I want this feeling to grow. That nervous-excited-anticipatory feeling that you only get when you begin to dream of the starting line again.

I thank my lucky stars that I get to feel that time and time again. 15 years later a short little break and it comes back. Never be afraid to step away from it, because it does come back. It feels new again. It feels fresh again.

Soon Eggers….. soon.

PS: THANK YOU to my friend Ultra Adam…. Adam Peruta for the cool header design up there!!!!! Check his site out here!


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