Eggers goes to Kona. Preview.

October 6, 2012

In three days I am heading to Kona. It’s going to be a very special trip. One that… just the chance to go is something I am holding tightly. I am not one of these girls who can make annual trips to Hawaii. I was there in 99 for Ironman. Back again in 2006 for a Baptiste Yoga training. Six years later I am going again. I am so grateful, so excited…….. words can not even describe.

I am not racing Ironman.

So what am I doing there? I am supporting the 26 athletes we at QT2 Systems have competing there. I am going with some really awesome friends….. Charlie, Molly, Jon, Diane, Tony, Rodney, Chuck….. there are way too many people to even mention. We are staying in the QT2 house and we will be there doing a ton of things. If you are looking for us…. me… here is where I will be and what we have going on.

Quintana Roo partners with Teens Living With Cancer!

QR has blessed me this year. Not just with a bike but for the chance to get to know Mac and Kristi and their family, and to understand the philosophy that Quintana Roo … is all about. Mac called me earlier this week and asked if we could partner up so that they could bring some attention and money to Teens Living With Cancer.

As you recall they also sent Cait Snow to Rochester to donate a Quintana Roo bike to one of the teens in the TLC Fit program.

Are you kidding me? I feel like we at TLC are at the Cinderella ball this year, and the clock has not struck midnight yet. The carriage has not turned back into a pumpkin and we have our glass slippers on. Thanks to Mr. Armstrong we got some national exposure. Now thanks to Quintana Roo, that platform is continuing.

I will be at the Quintana Roo booth at the race expo on Wednesday from 11-1, and on Thursday from 1-3. I will also be there more…. I am one of “those!”. So if you would like to stop by, learn some more about Teens Living With Cancer, share your cancer story, say hello, I would be so honored to meet you.

Quintana Roo is also holding one heck of a promotion beginning on Tuesday Oct 9th and ending at the close of the Ironman on Saturday. Right now if you buy a CDO1 2012 frame-set, they will give $250 to TLC. If you preorder an Illicito (for I think $3200) they will donate $500 to TLC.

Seriously. Who does that? Who comes from the mid-west to help a two person foundation in Rochester NY? QR does. That’s who. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done this season for Teens Living With Cancer. I love traveling knowing that I am doing something to make a difference.

Click here for all of the details on this incredible offer. QR…. you guys are special. Thank you forgiving us a voice. Teens Living With Cancer us run by two people (I am a volunteer, and not one of them, and we are located in Rochester New York. We are not big time, but man….. you guys make us feel like we are a small star in the sky. In a day & age where to get any sort of voice, strings are attached, you guys are the breath of fresh air that rolled through and said….. come on… let’s jump together and see what happens.

THANK YOU. We feel like this is all a dream!

My CD01 Frameset. I LOVE THIS BIKE

The Macca vs. Eggers kickoff

Before Macca knew he’d be making a run for Hawaii, he accepted our offer for another kick off. We got everything ready, fundraising through IMAthlete (thank you Jeff and Joey!) and then….. nothing. He didn’t respond to several contacts. We missed our opportunity to roll out our fundraising. He had accepted, vanished, got in touch, vanished…… so we let it be. He was preparing for the biggest race of the season. His biggest race ever possibly and we decided it was too much to have us to deal with. We figured we had our day.

Last night he got in touch and said he was still interested. Nothing is set, nothing is final, we totally missed the ability to fund raise. Can we do it right in Kona? Who knows. I will let you know!

PowerBar Alii drive fueling station

While you are out for your morning training run on Thursday… I will be handing out beverages at the Powerbar tent right on Alii drive! Stop on by for some PowerBar Perform! I will be there from 6am-7:45am

The Kona Underpants Run

NO joke. This event is real. It begins at 8am on Thursday morning. We gather in our underwear and we run to raise money for an amazing cause. Please check out the official website right here.

What else?

  • Somehow we’ve gotten some VIP invites to some cool events.
  • I will hike in the volcano park
  • I will take a self guided tour of the coffee reservations
  • I will spend 78% of my time in the ocean surfing, swimming, SUP’ing, hanging out.
  • I will of course hit Lava Java daily
  • I will cliff jump
  • I will ride on the Queen K. Thank you Quintana Roo for bringing me a bike!
  • I will do every adventure I can get my damn hands on.

In many ways, this is my trip of a lifetime. I promise to post every day. Watch FaceBook and Twitter for pictures and stories. I want to be able to share this experience with all of you….. because it is possible because of all of you.

Mahalo…… for all of your love and support this season. I can’t believe what has happened. It’s been amazing. Totally amazing.



  1. You are going to have such an amazing time! Thanks for letting us all tag along through your blog!!

  2. Hi Mary. Perhaps our paths will cross out there. I hope you have a wonderful time, savor all the aloha you can!

  3. And, long live Lava Java!!

  4. You know Scott and I are supporting you all of the way! Keep up the amazing work that you and all do!

    Congrats much!

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