Eggers goes to Kona: The eagle has landed.

October 10, 2012


We are in Hawaii. Arrived about two hours ago in fact. I have no pictures at the moment. Its 10pm here and it’s dark. We are in a condo on the ocean. As I write I can hear the waves crashing against the rocks. I can smell the water. It’s so dark I can’t see the ocean but it is there.

Molly and Charlie are here. Our condo is luxurious to say the least.

Pictures tomorrow.

Two broken planes, no missed flights, I slept the whole way from San Fran to Kona. I have never slept on a plane before. I even got out of my seat to use the bathroom. A rarity for me!

I read a great book. I never even opened the laptop. Another rarity.

I will be up at 5 Island time running. We will be at the Pier swimming after that and then over at the Quintana Roo booth from 11-1. Stop by for some QR and Teens Living With Cancer tattoos. And stop by to share your story of cancer. I will be recording 30 second segments to put into one video at the end of the week.

I am on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. What a gift. What an opportunity. This is something I will treasure forever. I am here to live every second of it, and experience Hawaii. No worries, we will have pictures and videos this time tomorrow. Stay tuned to Facebook too!




  1. Aloha Eggers!

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  2. Do Great Things Mar!!!

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