Eggers goes to Kona, day TWO!!!!!

October 12, 2012

Today was the Kona Underpants Run. Strangely it’s been a bucket list race of mine for as long as I have known of it’s existence. And it lived up to its name. Imagine a few thousand people dressed in all sorts of crazy underwear, running around a small island town together. that sums it up. It was crazy, it was fun. If you missed the video, check it out right here.

I love it here in Hawaii. There is just something about it. Maybe it’s that I sleep listening to the ocean crash on the lava rocks right outside the window. maybe it’s because I haven’t put on a watch, I don’t know what day it is. I eat such great fruit and I drink the purest of pure coffee.

I love being here with the QT2 Systems gang. I don’t live near the home base in Boston so I cherish the opportunities I get to hang with them. We have our coaches meetings and coach calls. But when we all go out to a luau, or shoot the sh*t on a lanai overlooking the Pacific Ocean, when we just have a ton of laughs together over the fun things in life….. that’s what I feel really proud of here at QT2. You don’t hear much about what happens behind the scenes. You may wonder if we coaches even know one another. We do. And I am really lucky to have been able to travel with them this season. Being part of the team as a coach and athlete means a lot to me. Having this level of a relationship with them means so much more than coaching.

Mary Miller, Me, Molly and Tim Snow. Charlie is taking the picture!

They say in life you can connect the dots going backwards, never going forwards. I remember when I first came to QT2 it was to try to salvage myself as an athlete. I have had some ups and downs. Some in my control, some things not in my control. But I really believe that I was brought to Qt2 to evolve my coaching. Which I have. I am much more focused on my athletes and their programs and performances. My talent is stronger in coaching than performing for now. Coaching with Qt2 has brought me to an entirely new level on so many different levels. I am always secondary, (oh I know…. MARTYR!)  something which I am working with on Michelle. I want Kona for my athletes. I want Ironman Mont Tremblant for myself. Allowing myself that “me” focus has been the struggle, because they are my focus. Again, that’s what I am working on with my amazing Ironman Team.

My point though… is that I am so grateful to be a part of this.

I got to hang out at the Quintana Roo tent again. I so so so feel like Cinderella at the ball… As I have been able to share what we do at Teens Living With Cancer with so many people. Lots of athletes will have OUR tattoo on in the biggest race in the world. This season has been such a wild ride! When does that carriage turn back into a pumpkin?

I’ve totally immersed myself in island time…. The only way I know how. I haven’t worn a watch. I swim in the ocean. I stare at the ocean.

The neatest thing is that I have been able to FaceTime with Curt and Luc… So I can turn the phone around and show them the ocean. It makes me homesick and grateful at the same time. They told me to come and to throw my cares away for the week. My husband always gets on my case for how hard I work. He will point out to me that I work all the time. Coming here I realize he’s right.

Sometimes I guess you need to step off the hamster wheel to look back and see how fast and furiously it turns. And realize you have to step off of it now and again. I don’t know how to not work hard. Of course I have a hard time turning off. But somehow I will bring back some of this island style with me.

Tomorrow (for me on island time, today for you on the mainland!) will bring about a swim, our QT2 Systems team breakfast (we have 26 athletes competing here!) a run, and…. SURFING. I promise that there will be more pictures soon!!!!!!! I have been lame on that front!



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