Eggers goes to Kona, day 6 & 7. End of the world.

October 18, 2012

On the second to the last day in Kona, we went to the End of the World. Truthfully one of the reasons I wanted to go there is because it’s called The End of the World (doesn’t take much to amuse). The title is misleading, because it’s just a short drive from Kona. It’s a series of dramatic cliffs that overlook the most beautiful water I have ever seen.

Once you arrive, you have to hike a short ways through some beautiful lava rock (I consider lava rock to be beautiful)

The hiking is not difficult, and the cliffs come upon you sooner than you think.  There was a group of people already there jumping. I have some really great video from the Go Pro that I will load up today, but there was this one guy jumping who…. definitely had the shazzy.

I totally wimped out on jumping. It was really really high for me. Molly and Charlie jumped, and of course I screwed up the camera and MISSED her awesome jump. Molly had the shazzy. and so does Charlie.

This is Charlie jumping. He was awesome. I have his on video.

This is my favorite picture. The color of the water is not even truly captured here.

The cliffs as I said…. were dramatic. The water was beautiful. I stood on that cliff and looked out over the ocean and felt like I could see eternity. You really begin to feel how big the world is, and how powerful the ocean is. So much bigger than you, and so much bigger than the small issues we face in life.

The last day in Kona was the most bittersweet. I have some really amazing underwater photos to upload, I just wanted to memorize everything I saw and everything I touched. The last swim in the ocean for me….. turned into slowing way down. Circling around the coral reef and staring at every fish I saw. There were blue ones, yellow ones, black schools. There were coral that were SO BIG. I memorized the taste of the water. I memorized the feel of the water. As far as swim workouts go… I blew it off. That’s a big one for me. I just floated, tooled around and soaked in every second.

We didn’t do much that last day. Charlie and I didn’t leave until 9pm andMolly is still there (jerk!). The best part of all of this….. was these guys.

I will forever remember and cherish this week with Charlie and Molly. We have been on some really great trips this season. As Molly and I were talking….. we both admitted that getting out there are living carefree as we did this year….. was something we both needed. Whether Charlie knew it or not he needed it too. He spent every waking moment either training or working. So this final day we forced him to come to the end of the world. I am so glad that he did.

These two…… are really, really special to me.Thank you so much Molly and Charlie for the trip of a lifetime.

I am not the girl who gets to come to Kona every year, so I was there to appreciate it, savor it, soak it up, and appreciate being in such a beautiful place. The gratitude I have for being able to even come here is insurmountable.

It’s always funny to me how you leave somewhere a little bit different from how you came. There was so much that I absorbed from this that I didn’t know I really needed. Well…. I probably did. Maybe it’s just that I needed a little Aloha, a little sunshine, a chance to see some things I haven’t seen before. Experience life for a week a lot differently than I normally would have.

This was a special trip in so many ways. MOST importantly…… I got to talk to a LOT of people about Teens Living With Cancer. I came home with….. $2,325 plus another private $300 donation. That’s $2,600 (+/-). You can still donate here by the way , and I will set up a button on the right column today. That was the most important part of this whole trip. The fact that Craig Alexander immediately came to help…… wow. What a guy.

I have many more people to thank, many more pictures to take. Stay tuned. Something really special is happening this coming Saturday as well. So stay tuned.

As we were walking down Alii Drive the evening we were leaving…… this stopped me dead in my tracks. The beauty of Aloha. Thanks to all of you who shared this with me, I  considered this to be our trip. Not just mine. Thanks for allowing me to share this experience with you.


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