Staying hungry

December 14, 2012

A year ago I sold my own coaching business to join the coaching team here at QT2 Systems. The opportunity to coach with this team was an incredible honor and opportunity. When I told my athletes and all of those who supported me for those 7 years, it was difficult. I didn’t know how I would give this news without feeling like I betrayed the people who were the foundation on which I built my life. A year later it was one of the best moves I have ever made. What I have learned here at QT2 on more levels than I can count was worth it. I am on my way to our annual coaching conference and I get to be with some of the best coaches in the industry.

Not everyone was happy about that change, and some still are not. While they are not happy they are supportive, there is a difference. I don’t make changes in my life without great thought and consideration. My track record is evident of that. I am a loyal person. I value relationships, I don’t jump ships often if ever. My sounding board, my rock and my most important advisor is my husband. He’s the one who will say…. did you consider this? Did you consider that? Did I consider what’s best for us as a family unit? He’s the rock I lean on all of the time.

I have had the opportunity to work with the best of the best in all of the various areas of my life. In all honesty I have never left a place because I was unhappy. I make changes if it suits my family, allows me forward growth and is the right thing for me to do.

I am not leaving QT2 !!!!! Just to be clear! The following has nothing to do with QT2!

I am excited to let you know that I have accepted a position at Midtown Athletic Club. It all happened on accident in a kind-of-sort-of way, as many things do. I don’t have a grand plan that I follow. A conversation started a few weeks ago with a “Hypothetically, wouldn’t it be neat if…..” Which originally is the way my own business began!

I am going to be teaching indoor cycling, yoga for athletes, and developing some other programs that fit in with exactly what I dream of doing. The team at Midtown… they are really the best of the best. I have been training there for a few years now, in the pool. In April I came inside and got to experience some of the best people in the industry.

Working one on one with Steve and taking his class, and others classes made me realize how much more I can still learn. I am by no stretch of the imagination the expert at anything. But here is an opportunity to continue to learn from the best of the best…. in a setting which allows me to be part of this team, to be creative and to learn.

I am honored beyond belief to be joining this team. This is a really big chance for me and I hope beyond hope that I can live up to the level of instruction that exists there.

The hard part comes next. This move means I will be leaving Breathe…. otherwise known as my home. I have been at Breathe for almost ten years. I never expected when I walked in there years ago… that it would become such an integral part of my life. Cyndi has been my mentor, and most importantly my friend for so long. She offered me the ability to teach both at Midtown and at Breathe. And she also knows me too well.

It’s my worst habit to try to do everything. At first I said YES YES YES. Then she asked me again….. is this realistic? Can you do both Mary? When she says it twice, there is a deeper meaning. She won’t tell you what that is, she will guide you to find it. Sure I can teach here and there…. and then I get so tired….. my family suffers.

I smiled when I realized that. She has always known me better than I know myself. Even as I am making the decision to leave, she’s still guiding me to make the decision that is right for me. That is a true friend. I don’t know what I did to deserve that kind of friendship. Which makes this even harder. If I could just be upset, or if we could have just had a catfight at the darn juice bar, that would have been easier.

I feel like I am betraying the person that has been one of the biggest influences in my life at the same time she is assuring me that I am not. I want it to be 100% clear that this is all my decision. I was offered the opportunity to teach at both places and I chose not to do that, because I have stretched myself to thin too many times before. I can’t do everything at the expense of Curt and Luc. Cyndi knows that, and she guided me to that.

As difficult as it is to leave Breathe… I am really excited. I am really nervous as well. It’s easy to stay where you are comfortable. As Steve Jobs said though…. “Stay curious… stay hungry.”

The energy, the desire, the hunger and the curiosity has been reawakened within me. Joining the team at Midtown gives me the chance to grow in new directions and in new ways. I am excited and I am nervous. I have so much to learn… that’s the best part. Throughout my life and career(s) I have been so lucky.

Coming to Midtown reunites me with my friend Randi Lattimore, she’s the Mind Body director there. We grew up at Breathe together and she’s … well she’s amazing. I will be reunited with several people who are important to me. Who I can learn from and grow with.

In 2000, I met the owner… Glenn. I was 7 months pregnant. He said to me “I want you to come teach at Midtown. What can I do to make that happen?” What struck me about him was his…. how do we make this happen…. attitude. I was seven months pregnant as I said…. so it just took a few years longer than he may have wanted it to.

As I walked out of the club the other day he caught me in the parking lot, and welcomed me to the team. Through the years I have always admired that attitude of his and his…. embrace life to the fullest… kind of attitude. He also built the outdoor pool, the one that’s open from April 1st to Dec 1st in ROCHESTER NY. As we stood there in the parking lot talking about it….. it felt right. In my gut…. it felt right.

I should have told him in 2000 …. that an outdoor pool would be what it took.

Oh! And before I forget!!!! I will be teaching a cycling class Tuesday mornings at 6m, and a power vinyasa yoga class on Fridays at 6am (that will be an hour as opposed to 75 minutes…. and geared towards athletes). In the interim I will be subbing some classes and don’t worry… of course I will have guest passes to hand out!

I will be continuing at Cycledelic and let you know when my last class at Breathe will be. My only rule…. there are no goodbyes. I don’t do good byes… I do…. let’s connect again somewhere!

Thank you Cyndi…. for everything. Words will never be big enough to cover what everything is. Thank you for being a friend.

Thank you Randi and team at Midtown… for the ridiculous welcome you have given me already and the chance to become a part of it all!


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