Product review: Nootca Goggles

December 19, 2012

Please don’t tell my Swedish goggles. I have been cheating on them.

Over the summer Steven Keegan reached out to me and asked me if I would be interested in testing out a few pairs of goggles he designed. Claiming that he reinvented the Swedish goggle, the only goggle I will ever swim in a pool wearing…. he wanted me to try them out and see what I thought.

I agreed, partly because I wanted to prove him wrong. No one could ever improve upon the swedish goggle. Trust me, they have tried. You can’t improve upon perfection. Or so I thought.

He sent me three pairs of Nootca goggles. The 5, the 207 and the eleven. They arrived in very sleek packages, which I thought was a trick. Sure… catch me with sleek packaging. Then I opened the boxes and there they were. The three most beautiful pairs of goggles I had ever seen.

The Nootca eleven

nootca 11

The Nootca 207

nootca 207

The Nootca 5

nootca 5Aren’t those some beautiful looking goggles? I thought he had me fooled with fancy packaging and sleek design. Then I took them to the pool.

What I have always loved about swedish goggles if how they fit. They come in pieces and you custom fit them to you. Nootca has in fact, improved on that design I have to admit. They come assembled but with the option to actually custom fit them as you would a swedish goggle, and they come with the option to bridge the nose with a string.

Check this video out on how that works. Notice the design. Seriously sleek.

The first time I swam in these I noticed the panoramic view. There was no more seam in the corner of my eye. I could see everything. They didn’t fog. If you swim in swedes you know that they fog, and you just accept it. No fog. I touched the lens, licked the lens (don’t judge) and still…. no fog.

I not concede. Nootca has in fact… improved the swedish goggle.

Both the eleven and the 7 are very close to the 5, but with a little more padding around the eye gaskets which makes the option for open water …. an actual option. I don’t wear my swedes in open water because if I were to take a hit to the face (which has happened) the possibility of fracturing my occipital bone (eye socket) is very real, because they sit in as opposed to around your eye socket. The Nootca seven and eleven…. have some more padding. If I were to take a hit to the face I would have much better luck not getting hurt.

I have been wearing both models in open water and they are fabulous. The panoramic view allows me to see everything. I never knew that could happen with a  goggle. It’s just a pair of goggles!

Two other features I like with Nootca is the nose bridge and the straps. The nose bridge as you saw in the video above is really easy to adjust. The fact that you even CAN adjust it is amazing. The seven and eleven come with another type of nose bridge that is equally easy to adjust too. See the below picture for how that works.

nootca nose

When you typically wear swedes you tie the straps to get the correct tightness, which can be a real pain if you need to adjust. Nootca has a very col strap holder that is completely adjustable. Check this out.

Bottom line…. I love these goggles. I love them. I don’t go anywhere without them. The design is sleek, but the functionality is amazing. I can see, they don’t fog, and they are so adjustable. I love them. What more can I say! I love them!

I happen to have four pairs of Nootca goggles to give away!!!! We will do that giveaway on Thursday, right on Twitter. Starting at 5am I will post some triathlon related trivia questions. The first person to tweet me back with the right answer wins.

The rules:

1. Follow Nootca on Twitter. You MUST be a Nootca follower to win! Follow them at @nootcanews. (I guess that means you have to follow me as well @maryeggers).

2. You have to have @nootcanews in the response.

3. You have to have the correct answer!

One the winner is selected, I will PM you for your address and send them to you!

First question will be before 5am! I have four to give away so stay tuned and GOOD LUCK!

Now before you do anything else…. check out the awesome website for Nootca by clicking right here!




One comment

  1. Great review, Mary. I’ve never been a fan of Sweedes because they don’t have any padding at all. I like the idea of them….but they just dont’ work for me. My swimmer-son loves his, though.

    Sorry I missed out on the contest. Are these sold in stores? I might like to buy a pair to try.

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