Classes at Midtown

December 23, 2012

I am very excited and honored to be joining the amazing fitness team at Midtown Athletic Club this week! I have been teaching a very long time (both yoga and cycling) and being the new girl on the block is a place I have not been in YEARS, but a place I look forward to. It makes me hungry again. It raises my bar.midtown logo

This team is one of a kind and like I said…. top freaking notch. What an opportunity. I went from an amazing team at Breathe…. to another amazing team at Midtown. Through my career(s) I have been able to learn from the best. Love this life!

I will be subbing this week for some GREAT  instructors… what better way to dive in then to dive right in!

I am subbing for the awesome Kathy for cycling at 9am on Saturday the 29th. That same day I am also subbing Doug’s power vinyasa class at 3pm. Need a guest pass? Just let me know! I have gazillions!

My regular class schedule will be as follows beginning the week of January 2nd.

Tuesday 6am Cycling. My cycling classes utilize power, HR, cadence and some days we just turn off the lights, cover the data and freaking ride. The challenge these days with indoor cycling is blending those who ride outside, and those group ex’ers who don’t. We rely on the data and the science stuff to a degree but we won’t marry you to it. Data like this should be used to teach you how to read your own body. You should not be 100% dictated by it, you use it as a guide. If you don’t know your zones and such…. no worries. I will show you what you can do with it!

Wednesday 5:45pm Cycling. Note that this class backs up to Missy and Christine’s 7:00 class. Which means as long as there are bikes available, I will be riding a double! BONUS!

Friday 6a, Power Vinyasa Yoga: this class will be one hour (not 75 minutes) and it will be geared toward athletes. Wait… you are not flexible? You can’t touch your toes? You are not bendy twisty? Excellent. You and I will get along just fine. In fact, we will get along better than fine. This class will be a strong dynamic flow (expect to sweat) blending strength and flexibility…. without being all pretzelly. If you happen to be a bendy twisty yogi….. of course come on in and take your practice to where it needs to go! The beauty of yoga is that you create it to fit you. Bottom line.

I have tons guest passes if you would like to come and check Midtown out. I have been a member there since 2010 and …. I love it. You get to be an athlete here and you get to work with Rochester’s best trainers and instructors. As I said I came to MidTown in 2010, truthfully I went there for the pool. I didn’t come inside much if at all until this past spring. They do the little things that make a big club seem like a small family run business. They call you on your Birthday. They know things about you and they get to know you. They do small things that seem so exceptional… just as part of every day life.

I am eager to learn more. This is a quality team and it’s the chance of a lifetime to get to join them and learn from them. Although I have been doing this for over 15 years I still consider myself a student of the industry.

If you are interested in a guest pass…… please let me know via comment, message me on facebook or twitter …or shoot me an email at maryeggers@gmail.com and I can get you some guest passes!!!! and yes… THIS is the club with the pool that’s open April to December!



  1. I would LOVE some guest passes- thank you! Are you still at Breathe, as well?

  2. Hey Mary! I would also love guest passes!

  3. Yes! Guest passes please.

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