Four nutrition tips for 2013!

December 27, 2012

Yesterday we talked fitness… today we will discuss the other piece of the puzzle… nutrition. January 1st is a magical day for many people. That’s the day they take everything on earth out of their diet. They eat perfect for one, maybe two, maybe three days. Then they have a piece of chocolate and bam. Fall completely off the wagon.

This year I challenge you to do something different. Instead of weight loss…. think health gain. Instead of deprivation…. add to your diet. Sounds good already doesn’t it?

Through my work with QT2 and The Core Diet I have learned a lot about nutrition. How it affects us not just in performance but in daily life. Whether you are a competitive athlete or fitness enthusiast the foundation of everything you do begins with what you put in your body. Put good fuel in your car, and your car runs well. What trips most people up however is this idea that it’s all or nothing.

So how about, we do things a little differently this year? How about this…. for the month of January don’t take anything away from your diet. Add to your diet. But try this (and this comes from The Core Diet)

1. Eat four fruits per day. With the advent of the Magic Bullet (and we just got the nutribullet) we can make a smoothie with four servings of fruits and vegetables in one shot if we really try!

2. Eat four vegetables per day. One salad can cover this if you really load it (spacing it out is recommended though!)

*** The caloric content of adding four and four to your diet as it exists today will not cause weight gain. The extra bag of Doritos will***

3. Use the windows.  One of the mistakes many people make is that they go into a session under-fueled, neglect to take anything in during, and totally neglect the post workout recovery window. Have some simple carbohydrates before a workout. A Nature Valley Bar or two Fig Newtons are good choices. During the workout … fuel. Aim for 12-24 ounces of 1/2 strength organic apple juice (one of my favorite and cheap workout fuels during this time of the season) and afterwards (if the session is about an hour) have 8 ounces of chocolate milk.

If you properly fuel before, during and after your workouts you will not only feel better, you will get more out of that workout, and you will not crash and burn afterwards. Try it for five days and just feel that difference.

4. Don’t neglect protein. I grew up a swimmer so I can exist on pasta and bagels alone. Most of us don’t get enough protein. There are formulas and such to figure out exactly how much you need… but make it easy. one serving at each meal, and how about a serving as a snack? Good sources of protein are Greek yogurt, lean meats, whey protein is a good choice (mix it up with a banana and some baby spinach… you won’t even taste the spinach!)

Those are four easy things you can do today to vastly improve your health. Can we be much more technical? Yes. can we be much more scientific? Absolutely. But what if we…. weren’t? The benefit is still the same. These New Year’s Resolutions we make never work….. because we take an all or nothing approach. sure that approach works for some, but stop counting yourself out if that is not how it works for you.

I encourage you not to jump on the weight loss bandwagon this year. I encourage you to clear the path for improved health instead. Doesn’t that just feel better to say? Let’s give the body what it needs and not deprive the head of what it wants. I bet in a few weeks you will begin to naturally trend towards healthier options all the way around.

Don’t worry…. this is a thread we will continue to weave throughout the new year, I will not leave you hanging.

And check us out at the Core Diet. What a great gift it makes…. to give someone the gift of health.


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