January 7, 2013

(Naturally, I have been getting a lot of questions about Lance Armstrong this weekend. If you missed my post addressing that you can find it right here.)

This weekend I did the old 3/20 bike test. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Around here at QT2 we utilize that test not to determine heart rate zones (although we can). We use it to determine what type of  athlete one is (aerobic or anaerobic to put it very simply) and that determines whether they get a traditional build, reverse periodization…. or something in between.

A few months ago I fell into a new category and this weekend confirmed it. The type of athlete that I have become favors more reverse periodization, which is new for me. Now there are many more specifics to all of that, but they are boring. The point I am trying to make is that I will be building this season in a completely different manner than I have ever built one before.

It’s exciting and frightening at the same time. But it gave me a good feel for what I have accomplished through the past 15 years and once again as I round the circle to another season…. it won’t be the same old same old for many reasons.

But backing up….. I love testing on the bike. I love to visit that place, that one deep down inside where only certain efforts can bring you to. I only visited that place a few times over the past season and I need to see it more and with this result I get to see it a little bit more. It’s good for mental fitness. I need to see the center of my soul as much as I can between now and August 18th. When I see it on August 18th then I will be my own oldest friend. Which I should be.

I love to come face to face with myself and feel that feeling of effort rising up. It comes from my toes through my heart and the moment you feel like it will wash over you it simmers down as you relax into the effort. It’s that place where uncomfortable becomes comfortable.

While a reverse periodization approach suits me best I have spent the past 10 weeks in zone 1 aerobic world. Getting my feet back underneath me, building some durability. I have plenty of time between now and then to “get going” again. This week all of that changes.

I took a 15 day break out of the water, since at least 1992. Like every other triathlete mom I swam the day I delivered and was back in the pool 3 days later (swimming is probably the BEST thing we can do while expecting!). This morning I get to break that surface again and I CAN. NOT. WAIT.

There is a universe that exists underneath the water and I crave it. where the world is silent except for woosh woosh woosh. My swimming is my good old reliable. It comes back so quickly. I knew I needed some time out of the chlorine. I don’t swim long but I swim frequently and I just needed to step away in order for me to come back.

I suppose that officially means this game is on then.

The 2013 season is ahead of me and I have some work underneath me and I have a whole lot of work ahead of me. 9 training blocks to be exact. It’s a tunnel of sorts with a big bright light at the end. But this tunnel isn’t that tunnel that I dread, it’s the one I have been dreaming of. The one filled with lessons to learn and checkpoints along the way. The one that says “None of this will be easy Eggers” and the one I never want to be easy. If I wanted easy I would have chosen something else.

I arrive at the start of this new build towards Ironman a different person than before. A little more seasoned, a little more worn, but a lot stronger in more ways than one. Ironman #8 (or is it #7? I can never remember) has special meaning for me. I will tell in due time.

Until then there is an effort, a zone, an intensity that I need to become a lot more familiar with. Comfortable with. I need to get to know it intimately. I salivate just thinking about it.


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  1. I’m interested in learning more about what you hinted at with the bike test 3/20 informing the training plan – either standard periodization or reverse periodization. is there somewhere that i could read more about this? Is the idea that if you are hugely aerobic that you should be doing more of the short hard stuff in the early season but if you are better at the short stuff you should start with a standard endurance building period?

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