What’s happening this week…

February 5, 2013

We have a busy week planned! Here is a list of the classes I will be teaching, as well as some events I won’t be at but are available to attend.  One of the many things I love about Rochester is the opportunity to train and learn. We have something special around here!


  • Midtown cycling 6am: Long tempo efforts! Learn why we do them and we will also cadence load this week as well! This is for members, but if you haven’t gotten your guest pass from me, leave me a message!!!!
  • Cycledelic: 5:45pm. It’s bring a friend month at Cycledelic! We will continue to work on building our aerobic base with four long and steady climbs along with some drill work too! Reserve your bike here, first ride is FREE!


  • Cycledelic 5:30am: This week we continue to build the aerobic base with some longer climbs and steady state efforts. As a studio we are periodizing the season, so if you are aiming to compete in the summer, we are right on track with your training. Remember we teach the body to utilize fat as fuel in the aerobic heart rate zones! Again, reserve your bike, first ride is free!!!!
  •  Midtown Athletic Club  5:45pm: We will work on holding tempo efforts for longer periods. Expect 4-6 minute tempo efforts (with adequate rest) and long steady state climbs!


  • Free Triathlon Clinic 6:30 Towpath Bike Shop: Join Curt Eggers and Brian Emelson at Towpath Bike shop as they outline the essentials for building a training plan/ I may be on hand at the end presenting a segment on Ironman training and training with a heart rate monitor. The clinic is free!


  • Yogapaluzza at Midtown Athletic Club 6pm. One of the things I am LOVING about joining the instructing team at Midtown are the unique events we get to put on. Join us at 6pm, all the teachers are teaching… it’s a yoga party!!!! Good time to use a guest pass!


  • Midtown Athletic Club Spinyasa: I am subbing for the awesome Doug H this week from 12-1! 30 minutes of cycling, 30 minutes of yoga. How perfect a combination is that!
  • Heart Zones Conference: Just as an FYI…. Cycledelic is hosting an all day conference this coming Saturday. It’s all about Heart Rate Zones. Gone are the days of “quarter turn, quarter turn” in spinning. Learn how to teach more effectively and more purposely! For more information click here. I am not able to be there but don’t miss this!

Monday Feb 11th:

  • FREE webinar with Score-This! In this 30 minute webinar I will walk you through the basics of setting up a swim season, share thoughts on open water swimming, and take you through some stroke analysis! Webinar will run from 8-8:30 with the oppertunity to ask questions at the end! Register here and remember, it is FREE!

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