This week….

February 25, 2013

We’ve got lots happening around here…. as always! Here is what we’ve got for you this week! Stay tuned, I have two programs coming up at Midtown Athletic Club that I am really excited about. Without giving it away….. it involves swimming, indoor cycling, and yoga for athletes. But not all together (I love a surprise!)


  • FREE webinar with myself and Score-This!!! called “Bike: Get the basics!” In this webinar we will review everything you need to know about multisport cycling. The difference between time trial and road bikes. Price points, etc. It’s free and it is at 8pm. Expect it to last about 30 minutes!
  • Register here!


  • 6am Midtown Athletic Club: Indoor cycling 6am. This week we will ride the 4 6 minute climbs from last week hitting progressive sets in the tempo and aerobic ranges.
  • 6:30pm Cycledelic Indoor Cycling: Continuing to develop our aerobic base we will utilize HR, cadence, and power as we ride watching a movie screen of a route, this week maybe in the Southwest United States! Reserve your bike here. (as of Monday morning only two bikes remain for this class!)


  • 5:30am Cycledelic: get a good 20 miles in before the world wakes up with the sunrise gang, again developing that solid aerobic base, maybe today we will ride the roads of Hawaii. Reserve your bike here.
  • 5:45pm Midtown Athletic Club: Indoor Cycling. Tonight we will execute the 4 X 10… a set of tempo, climbing and cadence work designed to take you to that edge, but not over!


  • Rochester’s American Diabetes Association’s Tour De Cure kick off dinner is at 5:30pm, at Harrow East, and I am your keynote speaker. I will share with you the story of what it was like to grow up with a brother who has Type I Diabetes. I will walk you through his diagnosis at age 8 (I was 6), how it changed our family, and how we lived through technological advances through the years.


  • Midtown Athletic Club: 6am Power Vinyasa Yoga. In this heated 60 minute class we will flow and enhance strength and flexibility in time to get you on your way to work.

As always a busy schedule…. but I have the best job on earth… connecting with an amazing community while helping people get fit and reach goals. Does it get any better than that? I think not!



  1. Oooh man, all these early morning classes make me jealous!!! Out here, things get started a bit later…earliest classes (which are rare) start at 7 on the weekdays, and not until 10 on weekends…tricky to get workouts in before the “real” day starts!!

    • 7????? We have three hours in by then! That stinks!

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