March 16, 2013

One of my focuses this season has been allowing it to come back to me. Allowing fitness, pace, strength…. allowing it to come to me, instead of me forcing to find…. it.

And I am loving the feeling of it.

Sure I track the data…. at this stage of my career I know myself. I track the data and rarely look at it. I download it after the fact and the past few weeks… I have been spot on each time. What’s the data? Doesn’t matter. It’s mine. I am not one for putting paces and mileage up on social media. What matters is not what pace I am or am not running. We all have common ground around here. We are all striving and aiming and our collective journies are what matter.

All that matters in terms of pace is what happens on race day.

For me…. and my goals are different from many others. I have done the qualifying, won some decent sized races…. at this stage of my game it’s intrinsic, not extrinsic. It’s not about winning… although when I am lucky that still happens….. it’s about what happens with me out there. Gone are the days where self worth is dependent on the speed of mile repeat times or 100’s in the pool or average power. Those days actually ended long ago.

These days it’s knowing myself better than any heart rate monitor or power meter could ever. It’s about my intuition being rock solid. It’s about doing everything that I love to do and loving the feeling of doing it.

With Ironman five months away and my first races of the season weeks away… now comes the time of the season to begin to polish things up. Tighten up the edges…. and as Jesse would say… make things “clean and crisp”. My body is handling the volume and the miles better than ever before, which is a collection of fitness, strength, nutrition, proper recovery efforts (elevation, juicing, etc).

I am feeling good. I am feeling relaxed. I am eager to race yet patient. I am letting the process come to me and that feels amazing. Let it roll, no worrying, no fretting…. just executing and feeling good. It’s really that simple to be honest.


We make ordering coffee complicated these days. We have certainly made training complicated too. Not only do we have HR zones … we have HR zones that have A, B, and C attached to them. One of the many things I love about QT2 is how simple we allow it to be. Zone R, Zone 1, Zone 2…. best effort. Boom. Done. Why that guy is wasting time trying to get his HR to zone 5A, then 4C…. I get to be soaking up the experience and allowing the effort to find me.

Keep it simple. Be consistent in training. Let your program be your program. Don’t worry about the athlete who post their mile repeat times on social media, or pictures of themselves half naked biking in the basement. Let them be. They take care of themselves in one way or another…. every time.

Know your why…. your reason for doing what you do. Trust yourself and the process. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Know there is a difference between ego and confidence. And let it come to you.

Never forget….. you intuition is stronger than data.


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