Eye of the storm

March 25, 2013

People think I am really busy. I am. But I am not that busy. I do a few things that add up to full-time. I like it that way. I can not imagine working a 9-5 job. For ten years I worked part-time as a hospital nurse (mostly in pediatric ER and trauma) where my life was dictated by punch clocks and shift work. I found that coaching easily slid in part-time as well and teaching further complemented my passions.

I left the world of shift work and punch clocks about two years ago and I never looked back. I still do work as an RN, very part-time…. in a  very different field. I set my own hours and have a ridiculous amount of flexibility. I am also really protective of the work I do…. I work with a special population…. so I don’t talk about it that much.

Coaching, teaching, and the nursing work I do….. fill me up and give me so much more in terms of lessons and gifts and satisfaction. I create my own day, my own schedule and I say no to what doesn’t fit.

So while I might be busy…. I get to do 100% of what I love to do. What I love doing most is being a Mom. My lifestyle allows me to do that. I get to be home after school and I get to hang with my number one guy. My entire life is built around being able to do that. As parents we learn that the days might feel long but the years are short. And I won’t waste any time…. especially these days. I have significantly cut my travel…. you won’t see me at a team camp this year…. because home is where I want to be and where I am needed. It’s where my heart is.

The key to living a full life is making sure you take care of the details. Here are my tips to prevent burnout, keep things fresh and organized.

1. Plan it out: On Sundays I spend a significant amount of time preparing for the week ahead. I schedule out what needs to be done in terms of Luc’s activities, coaching and my nursing work. I create my playlists and class sets for my cycling classes. I determine what my training is going to look like. At the same time I script out the week, I don’t always stick to the plan 100%. I just use it as a guide to help me roll through the week with some direction. Believe me I am not one of these… oh-my-god-I-am-off-schedule- type of people!

2. Prepare ahead: On Sundays my training gear is clean, water bottles scrubbed, garmin charged. Clothes for the week are laid out for the days I need to look professional (not many at all thank god!). As I said playlists are set, classes scripted, swim workouts printed. Preparing everything ahead saves me a tremendous amount of time during the week. For the days I need to pack a lunch, it is packed on Sunday.

3. Get enough sleep. People think that just because I am up at early o’clock that I don’t get enough sleep. Contraire. I get about 6-7 hours of sleep. I am asleep 30 seconds after my head hits the pillow and I sleep a solid night sleep. I don’t believe that all people have to have 8-10. If I stayed in bed for 8-10 hours I would stare at the ceiling. I get good sleep and I take a 20 minute nap during the day.

4. I eat nutritiously: I am a follower of the Core Diet, which has helped me keep my energy stable throughout the day. When i pick up Luc from school I have had a pretty jam-packed day already…. and I have the energy to roll through the rest with him. I don’t get sick often if ever, and I am healthy. Lose your health once to learn the lesson of taking care of yourself.

5. I love what I do: I don’t do anything I don’t love to do. I refuse. Been there done that… and last I checked we get one shot at this thing called life. I am too old to be doing what I don’t want to do. Ever. Period. If you love what you do with all of your heart… it never feels like work.

6. Home is where my heart is: In my heart I am a homebody. I have traveled so much over the past few years, which has been wonderful…. but when I am riding on a path in Florida and thinking about hanging out with my husband and son… it’s time to be at home. These years fly by and I love being a mom. Of course there will be travel… don’t get me wrong….but for different reasons. And with the guys!the guys

7. I have down time: And a lot of it. That is a really big key in life. It provides balance and it provides rest. In my life I have to be “on” so much that I have to be off. During this time I turn off the phone (believe it or not, it happens) and step away from the email. As a coach I am accessible but there are times my athletes might have to wait an hour or so to hear back. It’s necessary and it’s okay to have some time to yourself!

That’s how I roll…. in a nutshell. Again, lose your health once and you learn how to take care of yourself better than ever. I love having a lot going on, I love being involved in so many people’s journies and lives. The key is just learning how to stay on top of things, stay fresh, and avoid burnout!


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  1. As someone in the midst of cobbling together a “bit-of-this, bit-of-that, lots-of-variety” kind of job basket, this makes for a very good read. Thanks!

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