Race Report: Eastside YMCA Y Tri

April 15, 2013

On Sunday I competed in the Eastside YMCA Y tri. It was an indoor triathlon. The same one that was held in December. I was invited to race as part of Towpath Bike Shop’s triathlon team… (which I think I am now on).

I had an absolute blast. I have some thick cobwebs to shake off…. and one of my targets this season is to incorporate more events that are somewhat off the map for a distance gal like me. Indoor triathlons involve a fair amount of strategery. The hard past is the spin bike, as I shall elaborate shortly.  The harder part of this event for me was that I am recovering from a brief stint of pneumonia.

The Towpath Bike Shop Triathlon team occupied an entire wave. In the pool I was settled in between Brian Emelson, Nate Lowe, and to the other side of Emelson was Bryan Kent. Curt (my husband) was a few lanes down. Let me first say this: Bryan Kent and Nate Lowe are freaking class act guys. Sometimes (emphasis sometimes) I find in some cases a strange attitude amongst some of the younger guys (and girls)  in our sport in general. Almost an elitest attitude if you will. Trust me, it’s normal…. and it evens out in the end.

Both Nate and Bryan could be guys who have that attitude… and they are not. Which causes me to respect them a ton. (Oh I respect Emelson… don’t’ mean to leave him out… he’s an old friend…. and an old dude!). But at this race my respect level became stronger for these two youngins. I knew I could take Emelson in the water, I knew I could take Nate (stay tuned for his run) as well, and I had a good feeling I could hold onto Bryan. Curt… I was aiming to smash. We haven’t done a husband wife head to head since about 2004. I have local pro and teammate Steve Rosinski instructions that if Curt swam anywhere near me to come over to me immediately and begin to scream.

Gun goes off, and we began our 15 minute swim. Bryan immediately gaps me, Emelson hangs right next to me and Nate starts swimming strong. By the first wall I was able to drop Emelson, it was 100% because of my turns. Pool swims in triathlons are rare but they favor the swimmer. I can work a wall like it’s my job. And I knew if this were open water Emelson would hang with me, but my flip turns are superior. 🙂

I felt fine throughout the swim. My prior illness didn’t seem to impact me much aside from just feeling like I had been sick. No big deal. I have been dead. My aim was to catch Bryan K, and I was getting closer with each wall. When you are a swimmer you know where people will be if you are able to catch them. If when I flip turn and push-off the wall… if your toes are anywhere within my peripheral vision I can catch you.

Bryan’s toes were in sight!!!!!! Game on!!!!! Until I missed the next wall! AND THEN THE NEXT ONE!!! That’s a good 4-5 seconds per turn right there. Smooth move Eggers, lost your chance. And then I missed another. UGH! Stupid mistakes like that cost you.

I finished the swim where I thought I would. Curt reported to me that he has finished 3 lengths behind me. Victory! THEN….. they recorded his lengths as the SAME AS MINE!

Curt Eggers is a swim cheater.

From discipline to discipline you have 5 minutes to change. In an indoor tri I keep my suit on, peel the top down, throw on a sportsbra , toss on some bike shorts and some sort of race top and go.

On to the spinning bikes, and the strategery. Someone had determined that the cadence you needed to hit to go far was 120, which meant little to no resistance on the wheel. Curses. As triathletes we never ride at 120…. but today we would. It felt so freaking weird. I  never ever spin that fast. While I was not wearing a HRM I could tell I was having a hard time getting the HR up. I was just spinning.

15 minutes were up and we all headed up to the treadmills for the 15 minute run. I have to say all of us on the same team lined up was awesome.

Thank you Jamie for putting this whole team together! This was a legit group!!!!!!

Thank you Jamie for putting this whole team together! This was a legit group!!!!!!

My run was fine…. not fast at all but I could have definitely picked it up a whole lot. I am overly cautious too many times with my run….. I felt a sharp pain right where my pneumonia was… right side…. just like a knife was sitting there. It didn’t’ get better or worse…. if I stayed at a steady tempo pace it was fine. I reminded myself that I need to start taking some running chances. Even though this was a small, local indoor tri…. there comes a time where careful doesn’t work anymore.

I was running between Bryan Kent and Nate. They were clipping away at 11 mph. I smiled. This would be the only time that I’d ever in the world be neck and neck with these two!!!! So I smiled and enjoyed that. I really think they are fabulous solid guys, and freaking fast as well. They are perfect for our sport.

I ended up third overall female…. and really all things considered I was happy with that. I am kicking off a few weeks of racing now, and shaking off some really thick cobwebs. I … for sure…. have much more speed in me…. and I am looking forward to continue to let that out. All in due time.

In the realm of races this was small. Like really small. Trust me I know that. Any chance to get in and get dirty I am going to take, and all comebacks have to begin somewhere. Little things become big things.

So…. what’s this comeback all about? I can tell you this: it doesn’t end in Kona. I might be the only triathlete on earth to say this: but I can die without being on that starting line. In terms of the win…. I have been there done that. My comeback…. this one… is for me. Me doing what I love and being the best I can possibly be in terms of my fitness, my health and against myself. It’s a serenity that is with me these days. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone…. I have a race resume filled to the brink of accomplishments that I am really proud of. Will I ever top those? I think I will! But the story behind them will be so so so so different. I have achieved such a level of peace with myself and my sport that I am far removed from rivalries and such. It’s a great place to be. Just me and my sport and the clock. So where is this comeback taking me? To be the fittest athlete I can possibly be and the fastest I can possibly go. I get to focus on whatever race I want!!!!

I am in a  great place.

Indoor triathlons are a fun way to tune up for the season. In terms of where you stand in the crowd… it’s anybody’s guess. The bike messes up with that somewhat but…. at the same time part of triathlon is strategery. My targets for races like this are to get in and get dirty… raise the HR a bit…. practice my mindset and just take it up a notch.

Jaimie and the guys at Towpath Bike are a ridiculously fun group of people to be around. They’ve got something special happening over there for sure. I just did a Retul Bike Fit there last Friday… stay tuned for that report soon!

I will use any opportunity to thank profusely the people who support little old me in my quest and in my dream. If I sneeze I am going to go ahead and thank all of them as well! They believe in a girl with her little dream and they don’t care that my dream doesn’t end in Vegas or Kona. Thank you thank you thank you!

QT2 Systems whom I am coached by and coach for!

Quintana Roo my amazing bike sponsor!

PowerBar keeps me fueled and hydrated!

Fuel Belt helps me carry my fuel!

Towpath Bike Shop for reigning me in, they take care of everything, they even brush my teeth!

Teens Living With Cancer for being the wind beneath my wings!

GIANT THANKS to Steve Lopes of Midtown athletic club—> this guy has had a massive impact on my training!

Midtown Athletic Club: both the folks I work with and the amazing people I get to train with!

Cycledelic Indoor Cycling Studio: Where I get to ride with amazing amazing people in amazing places!

Most importantly … my husband Curt and my son Luc…. for being the best family in the world. I love that we get to do this together!

Next up: SENECA 7! 77 miles with 7 of my buddies around Seneca Lake! Next Sunday! Boom!


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