Seneca 7 preview

April 21, 2013

Today is the Seneca 7!

7 of us will together, as a relay run 77 miles around Seneca Lake, one of the beautiful Finger Lakes. Our team… named “Inside voices” begins at 8am, and each person has three legs to run.

There are a few tricks to a race like this:

1. Nutrition: we will be on the go for 12+ hours, operating out of a Tahoe. Total run time for each athlete is around 1.5-2 hours (cumulative). Today isn’t a license to eat, but a lesson in eating well. In my stash I have a lot of fruit, some lean protein and carbohydrates at the right time.

2. Staying loose: Run, get in the car for a few hours, run, get in the car for a few hours….. combating tightness will be the key. We have sticks and foam rollers and a jump rope.

3. Navigation: There are special rules to this event. We can’t drive on the run course, we have to drop our first two runners off at 7am…. etc. Remaining on course is going to be key.

4. Check points: when we arrive at a check point we have to call in so we can be tracked. We have car chargers for our phones!

Our team is comprised of 7 of my good friends. Our main objective is to have fun. I don’t see that being a problem with this group of people. Last evening we were listing what we were each bringing and after Alexa and I shared our extensive lists Don chimed in this:

“I am in Ohio and I have nothing.” That was around 8 last night.

No big deal!

However it plays out, today seems like an excellent day for an adventure! FOLLOW US here.

Running 77 miles around Seneca Lake with 7 amazing people…. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate life!



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