May 3, 2013

I don’t run in the evening often or by choice. If I run in the evening it’s by necessity. I’d rather be at home with my husband and son. I love evenings at home, at heart I am a homebody. Nothing special has to be happening. Sitting on the back deck, enjoying the summer warmth that has finally arrived, just hanging out.

When it comes to our children, the days are sometimes long… but the years are fast. I am on the brink of being the mother to a teenager. It was just yesterday he was born I swear!

I get reflective like that on evening runs for some reason. With my husband running the training around here I have also enjoyed a relaxed focused approach, with some new twist on old routes. I ran the tri-fecta as we call it. As series of 3 hills, a total of three times for 9 hills. The first is short and turns, the second is longer and drawn out, the third is steep and takes about 75 seconds to crest. It’s nice to not be running the same hill over and over for time. It’s nice to relax, open it up, black box the data (record but not get married to it), and it’s nice to FEEL running again.

It’s runs like these where as I crest that final hill I can see forever. The skyline of Rochester, and feel like I have a bird’s eye view of the world. I wouldn’t see that any other way. Never in my car, not even from my back deck (although I have a good view). It’s runs like these where I feel like I get to see the end of everyone’s day. A father and son were out shooting hoops. A mother was watering her lawn while her children were drawing with chalk int he driveway. While I am gone an hour I miss being at home during that moment, reminding myself why I usually run at early o’clock. I don’t want to miss those times.

I felt good on the hills, last week I felt weak. But last night I felt good. I let them come to me rather than force them to be a certain way. I have found that I always go further feeling than forcing. I felt relaxed about all of it….. finally. I attribute that to my husband for giving me guidance.

It’s not that I need a coach per se….. I have been in this sport almost 20 years and I have been coaching for 10. I can write training plans, I can write great training plans. But it’s not necessarily the training plans that we need help with. It’s that consulting piece. It’s that “what do you think of hopping into this race?” question to be able to bounce off of him, and he of all people knows my schedule and how much it can beat me up.

His insight is gold to me. I have an incredible amount of respect for him. While I have always forged my own way I have always valued his wisdom through all of this. Now it just seems more right than right to be collaborating. I take direction very well. I take direction when it’s removed of ego…. best.

I have traveled these roads so many times. So many different directions. So many miles. Miles that have made me who I am. Miles that have not been easy. Miles that have built character above anything else. Miles that have come easy.

But none of these miles have been without a great deal of gratitude.

As we slide into summer I always wish to put the brakes on the world. It’s busy, it’s fun…. but I want it to slow down. Savor every moment of it and experience the experiences we get to call life.




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