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  1. Hey Mary awesome news. Please let me know what I can do to help. No task too menial. Flip turn needs to be tight!

  2. Mary,

    It’s been awhile since I last contacted you, but my new wife, Wendy, reads your blog and was impressed with your challenging Lance to the 50 kick. Wendy has done volunteer work for Life With Cancer: http://www.lifewithcancer.org

    We will be donating to your race!

    Here is an interview I recently did with another triathlete:


    I hope all is well.

    Scott Ennis

    • SCOTT! This makes me SO HAPPY! You sound FABULOUS! And your new wife is inspiring, the news that you are well, and the news of your wonderful marriage JUST MADE MY DAY. I know your journey was long nd difficult, and look where you are. You are SUCH an inspiration. Thank you so much!!!

      • Mary,

        Thank YOU for doing what you do! Please tell Mellow Johnny (AKA Lance Armstrong) either before or after you beat him in the pool, that I know I haven’t faced the challenges that he has, but he has been a come-back inspiration for me in my journey.

        All the best!

      • I certainly will Scott!!!

        We have come a long way friend!

      • Mary,

        Wendy, Scott’s wife here.

        I teach middle school Spanish and shared your guts and inspiration with my kids today. They LOVED it. One group of 6th graders crowded around my desk after hearing it (and being given the instructions for the day) to share about their individual experiences with friends who have or had cancer. One young lady showed me her bracelet for a friend who is currently under the treatment of hospice.

        So, since you had the guts to do what you did, here’s mine.

        Do you need or want someone to write lesson plans for the schools for this Duel in the Pool? I am more than willing to link the lesson plans for LA, Math, Spanish, etc. to federal standards and/or state standards.

        I used to be a Special Ed teacher, too, and well… this creativity is what makes me happy.

        Please just let me know if I can be of help in any way. E-mail is best and I can send you my school one if you need that.

        Thank you for the belief in your work and the courage to do so. This group of kids is my fave, too. They are so amazing and wow-some.


        Wendy Ennis

      • WENDY! Nice to “meet” you! Trust me, the ones with the guts and inspiration are the kiddos of course! I will be in touch, becasue we can definitley use you!

        🙂 mary!

  3. Mary,
    I just read about your Lance Armstrong challenge on FB. A friend posted a link to your blog. Amazing! Years ago, i was a regular at one of your yoga classes at breathe. I always thought you were an inspiration back then. You were real, honest and always sharing a message that i could relate to. Unfortunately, I am one of those parents that you described sitting in the ED waiting for the results of a scan on my son. We were the family that had everything until that moment when we were told my son had cancer. He passed away in August. He was one month shy of his second birthday. I think you are doing an amazing thing by working with kids with cancer and now raising money for them. They are lucky to have you. We have been raising money for neuroblastoma since my son was sick. We have received tremendous support. It’s people like you – who are passionate and dream BIG – that can move mountains. We all need to be in this fight together whether it’s raising funds for pediatric or adolescent cancer. I will support you! Amazing job!
    Zoe Wilmot

    • Zoe…. My god I Definitley remember. Sister I’m beyond sorry….. Omg. This …. This is for him too. We go to the top when we need help, and in this case the top is Mr. Armstrong. Much love to you…..

      • Thanks Mary. I’m touched you remember me and that you quoted my message in your entry today. I can’t wait to donate and read all about the event. I plan to post your story to my FB page and share your request for support when the site goes live to donate. You truly are an inspiration just like all the children and teens who are fighting cancer and those that have lost their battle. Best of luck! xoxo

  4. Mary-
    I went to OPHS, and the fight against cancer is near and dear to my heart. I have never worked with teens fighting cancer and am very interested in your cause. I’d like to offer myself as a volunteer for future events.

    My other reason for reaching out to you is that I have some friends at Entercom- Kiss 98.5, Star 102.5, WBEN 930 AM, WGR 550, etc. i reached out to them to let them know about your event and the cause. If we can get them come copy or a PSA, they will try to turn it into a 3o second spot. No promises on the 30 sec commercial, but they can most likely make a PSA happen.

    Let me know the best way to get this.

    We’ll be cheering you on for this awesome event and challenge. I think Lance had better rest up and eat lots of wheaties…

    Best of Luck. These kids are lucky to have you in their corner.

  5. Hi Mary:

    I came across your blog as I was blog-surfing. I am a relatively beginner triathlete (training for my first 70.3). It may have been my second 70.3 but my husband was diagnosed with gastric cancer 2 weeks before I was supposed to do my first last year. The diagnosis obviously rocked my world. He had been admitted to the hospital with multiple pulmonary emboli & pneumonia & within 5 days was diagnosed with advanced stage 3 gastric adenocarcinoma with multiple lymph node involvement. We went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy & hospitalizations in October (3 separate weeks) for internal bleeds, additional PEs & filter placement. In November, we were forced to start radiation in order to scar the tumor & stop the bleeding. At this point, there is nothing left to do.

    I have a strong & happy marriage with a wonderful 8 year old son. It is heartbreaking to face the decisions as to what is considered a heroic measure for us personally. We are focusing on all that is good & trying to enjoy the quality of life we have together. Travel is important to us & we are trying to do as much as possible. A friend of mine, who was a Montessori teacher, & is 28 years’ old just worked with a friend & developed a play called “Sarah & the Dinosaur”. It is about her battle with ocular melanoma that has traveled to her liver. It is incredibly powerful. We saw it this weekend & cried. The dinosaur represents her cancer & at one point she says to the dinosaur “I was in the middle of teaching my class, working on my Warrior position, I was in the middle of living my LIFE–when you halted it”. That’s how I have often felt–we were in the middle of living an idyllic, family existence when our world changed in one moment.

    I can’t imagine dealing with this horrible disease with a child or a teenager. Its been hard enough trying to explain things to our son. Our son wants the basic facts–he doesn’t want things sugar coated. He wanted to know how long his father would have chemo, if his hair would grow back, did it shrink the tumor. I’ve been honest–within realistic bounds.

    I am so glad you are doing this for the teens. Frankly, I have found Lance Armstrong’s determination to make a difference inspiring. Sorry to take up so much space–I think writing this has been cathartic.

  6. Hi Mary;
    I would like to donate money as well as a prize for your raffle. I will donate a private yoga or reiki session. Thanks for doing this and have fun with Lance!
    Ps how does one donate?

    • THANK YOU DYLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I will shoot you an email today!

  7. Hi Mary, this is really cool. Congratulations on building up this successful challenge to raise funds for Teens with Cancer. This will be a sweet dual, best of luck! I work with a number of companies/teams in the cycling/sports industry (Mike and Edward at RoadID, HincapieDevelopment team, Specialized-Lululemon Womens Team, DZ-Nuts, Robbie Ventura and Vision Quest Coaching to name a few) creating custom viny-lcut decals for them. I am writing just in the chance any of your teens or anyone involved is looking for a something like a special phrase, or a meaningful symbol. I’d like to help. I can explain in more detail by email if you are interested.

    All the best with what you are doing! Now go win that bike off Lance!
    Make big waves to throw him off course..

    Tim Carls
    Mount Pleasant, WI

  8. Dear Mary,
    My name is Mark Cuthbert. I have Cancer. I am not a teen, but Lance is also my hero. It is wonderful what you and he are doing. I wish I could meet him as well. Best of luck and thank you for your help.

    • Mark, this one’s for you today. For you we continue this fight and for you we continue to hope.

      This is the day we give cancer the middle finger. for you friend.

  9. Hey Mary!

    Early in the year you did a few posts about your diet and training – the “core” diet, could you revisit that soon with a few posts now that we are in the full swing of tri season?

    I know there were a lot of comments about eating/ consuming more – so I do understand if you dont want to subject yourself to that again – but id love to see how it has changed, evolved since then.

    – Raebecca Miller

    • This is a TERRIFIC IDEA! Let me plan on this for Friday! THANKS! GREAT SUGGESTION!

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