In the news

Interview with Kevin Kostella of TriSwimCoach! 30 min Podcast!

Rochester City News… Share the Roads

Speaking about Bike safety

Race in it’s entirety Buffalo dot com

Triathlete Magazine Europe and North America: Armstrong Gets Chicked for Cancer

Ironman: Buffalo event raises $55,000 in 5 weeks

Buffalo News Photo Gallery

Buffalo News: Armstrong goes down in kicking race

Buffalo Channel 4: Duel in the pool not about athleticism

Channel 2 Buffalo. Duel in the pool makes a splash

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Henrietta Mom to race Lance Armstrong

Lava Magazine: In Buffalo, Lance gets chicked (By Lisa Barnes Dolbear)

Channel 4 Buffalo: Duel in the pool not about athletics (with video of race)

Buffalo News: Armstrong goes down kicking in a race

Channel 4 News Buffalo WNY Native to race Lance Armstrong

Channel 2 News Buffalo: OP native to race Lance Armstrong

Henrietta Post: Henrietta Woman to Compete Against Lance Armstrong

News 8 WROC Local Woman vs Lance Armstrong Duel in the Pool

Xtri: On Deck

News 10NBC Rochester: Local Woman Challenges Lance Armstrong to Swim Meet

Two Mom’s… One Cause LiveStrong Blog by Lauren Spiker!

Cancer Advocate. and Armstrong Kick for Cancer!

YNN News: Eggers Challenges Lance Armstrong to Benefit Teens Living With Cancer

Buffalo News: Armstrong local native to face of in UB pool

13 Wham ABC News: Local Woman Challenges Armstrong to Duel in the Pool

University at Buffalo Duel in the Pool

Democrat and Chronicle; Young Professionals; Eggers vs. Armstrong

X Tri Eggers Vs. Armstrong Kick off!

Lava Magazine: Chicking Lance

Channel 4 Buffalo: Eggers to Race Lance Armstrong

TrDigest: Eggers vs. Armstrong, Will it Happen?

Triathlete do gooders: Paying it Forward (Lava Magazine)

10 Seconds in transition with Mary: QT2 Newsletter May

Mary interviewed on News10 NBC

Mary quoted in Joel Strickland’s Coaching Series

Mary saves triathlete’s life with  CPR at the finish line

Delta Lake Triathlon

Rochester Rhinos & Yoga for athletes

Inspiring athlete finds her calling in yoga
Democrat and Chronicle January 2010

5 Things You Should Know About Power Yoga

Training Kids and Adolescents

The Buffalo News 2009

Training Peaks Article 2009

inaugural Musselman Champion

Triathlete shares struggle and recovery in the face of bulimia
The Lamron 2007


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  1. […] Focus Game on June 3, 2010 Photos from the Triathlon Plus Magazine photoshoot can be found here. Thank you so much to Amanda Padgham for working with me, I am not a very photogenic girl! And […]

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