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Mary Eggers took an inexperienced triathlete that was scared he would be unable to complete the swim portion of the ironman and turned him in to an ironman finisher. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not have reached this goal without her leading the way. She is a straight forward tell it like it is kind of person that knows how to keep you motivated and isn’t afraid to kick you in the ass when you need it. At the same time she is also very protective of her athletes and would do anything she could to help them out. Her excitement and passion for the sport and the people she works with is clear in everything she does and has a way of spreading like wild fire. I trust her completely to guide me down the path to reach my goals and would recommend her to anyone else looking for a coach in this sport.

TK Rochester NY

When I decided I was going to take on the ultimate challenge of completing an Ironman, I knew I would need some guidance to reach my goal. I often thought of hiring a coach but never thought it was within my reach. I found Train-This and Coach Mary Eggers in June of 2010. Since that time, Mary has led me to not only completing two Iron distance triathlons, but setting personal records for all of my accomplishments in 2011! Working with Mary and train-This has brought me to a new level as an athlete. She is easy to communicate with and willing to adapt training to fit your lifestyle. We all have decisions that we regret in life, but working with Mary Eggers is definitely not one of them. ~ Stefany C. Buffalo NY

After deciding I wanted to complete an Ironman and realizing I would need a coach to do so, I contacted Mary Eggers and am incredibly thankful I did.   Through every stage of the training Mary kept me on track, informed, and involved. Her enthusiasm in everything she does is refreshing, and her excitement about the sport of Triathlon is contagious. Under her guidance I set a PR in EVERY DISTANCE I raced in and gained a
greater understanding and respect for training, resting, and nutrition.  Because of Mary I entered Ironman Lake Placid calm and prepared, and finished it feeling fantastic while comfortably beating goal!  I would recommend Mary to anybody looking not only for a great coach, but also a mentor and role model in the sport of Triathlon. ~ Richard A., Rochester NY

I heart Mary even though she is moving to a bigger and better opportunity!!!!!  Love, Kim A. Rochester NY

If you think you need to be pushed, but in reality you need to be held back, Mary will hold you back. If you think you are not ready to achieve your goals, but in reality you are, she has the keen ability to drive you towards them, all the while making it seem it was your idea. If you think you need constant communication and support, but in reality you just need to be let free, she allows you the freedom. 

Mary’s greatest characteristic of a coach is that she doesn’t give you what you think you need. She gives you what she knows you need to be the person you told her you want to be, and based on what you give her in return as an athlete. ~Mike C., Syracuse

It was a mix of fear and possibility that knotted my stomach for my first meeting with Mary. I had this crazy notion that I wanted to see if I could do a triathlon, even though I needed to learn how to swim and that my running had never lasted more than five consecutive minutes. There seemed to be no question for her — of course I could do one — and through an amazing journey, she guided my steps through not only a first triathlon but a first SEASON of triathlon. Never making me feel small for my goals while others around me were training for Ironman and I just wanted to survive a sprint, Mary encouraged me. She challenged me when I needed it and help me trash the “what ifs” and the fears and doubts. She helped me see that I’m stronger than I think I am, that I can do more than I think I could. Because of her support and her training plans, I was able to begin creating an athletic identity for myself — one I had been seeking for years but never found the right group with which to shed that self doubt and try. I found that home with Mary! ~Amy M, Buffalo NY

“I pity the fool, who doesn’t wanna race in the green and blue!”-MjC coach!) I was brand new to the sport with no real connections. No real clue on the proper way to train for something as big as an Ironman Triathlon. Train This has made me a part of a community and this is what I feel is the biggest benefit. Through Mary and Train This I not only get daily workouts but I get daily support. In my short time involved with Triathlon I have realized that the nature of the sport can teach you a lot about yourself, it can help you prioritize your life, your goals, your ambitions. In order to succeed in Triathlon I believe that you need structure, you need a plan, and you need a support system to help you along the way (after all triathlon is an ENDURANCE sport!) and Train This has been all of these things for me…and I’ve only been with Mary for about a Month! Mary’s enthusiasm for life…for sport… is contagious and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for me!bballthe limit! I firmly believe this and intend on making Mary and the Train This team proud in 2010. In my mind having people around you that are into the same thing as you is essential to endurance athletics and LIFE! I am so happy I have become a part of the Train This lifestyle! Prior to being led to Mary by former TT alum and hopefully 2010 teammate Jay H. (my high school  skysI have only been with Train This for about one month but I can honestly say that I feel as if I am already a part of the family that they have started. Even without meeting many of the team members in person, I still have had numerous conversations with many teammates through the numerous communications links that Train This utilizes via the internet. The Train This google group that has been established has become an essential part of my daily life. Every email/in person conversation/phone call can bring coaching, humor, friendship, etc…a simple topic on the team forum can stem a daylong back and forth conversation that can be all the difference in making a bad day at work a little more enjoyable. With that said, Train This is more than a Triathlon/Endurance coaching system. Its all-encompassing. Train This has become my motivation, my guidance, my teaching tool. Mary has not only given me workouts that will help me accomplish the goals that we have discussed, but she has introduced me to Yoga, Nutrition, Strength Training; Mary has led me to my new Masters swim class, a Triathlon in Texas, and even to the creation of my own blog, trinitytri.blogspot.com. Train This can be all that you want it to be! Train This will allow you to grow your athletic abilities in a way that suits you. The online training peaks systems allows you to see your planned workouts ahead of time so that you can plan your schedule accordingly since we are all not so lucky as to be professionals but instead must maintain jobs. Mary will work with you on a one-to-one basis in order to provide you with your ever evolving training. Things happen on a daily basis that throw wrenches into our plans.  ~ Matt C. Rochester NY



  1. Hey Mary. I am wondering if you are taking a group up to Lake Placid for a training weekend? If so-do you open that up to other athletes. I would definitely be interested.
    Joanna Chaffin

    • Possibly looking for a swim coach to
      Help me have an efficient and powerful stroke. 2012 was my first season of
      Triathlon. I completed 2 olympic and
      Two 70.3 distance races, getting faster in each of those races. I have never had any real
      Swim training just sort of jumped in the pool
      Last nov. and said ok let’s do this. To give you an idea My swim speed, the last 70.3 I
      Did was an ocean swim in Maine and my swim time was 38:00 min. Not sure if you teach swim technique but if you do I would
      Love to hear from you.
      Thank you

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